Why We’re Different

doctors of audiologyDoctors of Audiology

Expertise. Happy Ears Hearing Center specializes in treating difficult cases of hearing loss. Our office only employs Doctors of Audiology who are experienced in treating all types hearing loss at a fraction of the cost. Happy Ears Hearing Center uses state of the art diagnostic equipment for testing, and real-ear measurement when fitting hearing devices. Real-ear measurement is the only way to ensure a completely accurate hearing aid fitting. If you currently struggle with your hearing technology, the most likely cause is that you were fit in-appropriately without the proper measuring tools. We offer you virtually every treatment option when it comes to hearing devices and rehabilitation.

Experience. Our Audiologists studied at nationally accredited universities and received their doctorate degrees in Audiology. This means they have 8 years of higher level education specifically in hearing loss and hearing disorders. Our audiologists are members of the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Our office treats various age groups and specializes in difficult hearing aid fittings, counseling, and hearing rehabilitation. We have a passion for helping individuals and their families cope with hearing loss, and find joy in their success. 

Latest technology. Happy Ears Hearing Center uses the latest hearing technology to accurately treat hearing problems. We offer a wide selection of hearing aids, many of which are compatible with the latest Bluetooth devices, iPhones, and other listening devices. We believe that hearing aids should be affordable to everyone. 

Time for you.  Our doctors take time to listen to your problem, explain your options and answer your questions. You will never feel rushed at our clinic. You do deserve Happy Ears!

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