Embracing Balance Awareness Week

balance awareness week 2023

Celebrating Balance Awareness Week

September 17th through the 23rd is Balance Awareness Week. The Vestibular Disorders Association, or VeDa, established Balance Awareness Week in 1997 to recognize vestibular disorders and conditions that affect balance. Since then, this week has been dedicated to educating and informing the public on the importance of a healthy vestibular system.

Balance disorders and conditions of the vestibular system can impact your quality of life and prevent you from participating in many of your favorite activities. Maintaining balance and having a healthy vestibular system can keep you active and help you lead a fuller, more fulfilling life. 

Learn how Balance Awareness Week promotes inner ear health and spreads information on balance issues.

The Importance of Balance and Vestibular Health

While you may think it’s your legs and spinal column that keep you upright and standing straight, there is a specific system that helps you stay on your feet. The vestibular system is an intricate series of nerves, cells, tubes, and canals within your inner ear. The canals are filled with fluid, which ebbs and flows according to the movement of your head. 

In a healthy vestibular system, fluid moves through the semicircular canals as you tilt your head. At the same time, a nerve called the vestibular nerve senses the change in position and sends signals to the cerebellum, the portion of your brain responsible for balance and certain movements. 

All of these elements work together to process the exact position of your body in relation to its surroundings, helping you stay balanced and on your feet. When your vestibular system is not working properly, your cerebellum does not receive the appropriate signals, and you can struggle to stay balanced. 

People with vestibular disorders suffer from dizziness, difficulty walking, and inability to exercise. This can have a significant impact on quality of life and overall well-being. Detecting vestibular issues or balance disorders early on can help you mitigate these negative effects.

Promoting Balance Awareness

In order to raise awareness for vestibular issues or balance disorders, it is important that people are informed of these conditions and how they can impact those affected. You can share educational information on social media to support dizziness awareness, including links to research and medical journals. You can also participate in community engagement and attend local functions for those with balance disorders.

By collaborating with healthcare professionals such as neurologists or audiologists, you can become more informed on vestibular concerns. You can also contact organizations like VeDA to find out more.

Vestibular Health Screenings and Assessments

In order to maintain your vestibular health and stay balanced throughout life, it is important to have regular vestibular screenings. Getting a yearly vestibular assessment can detect issues early on before they can impact your capabilities or affect your everyday life.

Having an annual examination with an audiologist is a great way of staying proactive and protecting your vestibular health. You can visit Happy Ears Balance Center online to find audiology specialists near you. 

Supporting Those With Balance Disorders

Too often, balance disorders are overlooked because the public does not understand how they can impact an individual’s life. Those who struggle with vestibular conditions can face difficulty in many ways, both big and small. 

For example, many people with balance disorders struggle to perform simple daily tasks, such as cleaning their homes or walking upstairs. Sometimes, just getting out of bed produces dizziness that can last for minutes to hours.

People with vestibular conditions also suffer in other areas of life because their dizziness and balance concerns limit their capabilities. Most people with vestibular issues cannot play sports because of consistent dizziness. Activities like dancing, swimming, and running can all feel impossible.

To assist those with balance issues, you must practice empathy and understanding. Balance Awareness Week strives to educate the public on these conditions and raise awareness for the struggles these patients face. The goal is to provide wider acceptance and room for new treatment approaches to these concerns.

Protecting Your Vestibular Health

For those who struggle with dizziness and vertigo, Balance Awareness Week holds major significance. Organizations like VeDA and local audiologists are working to spread knowledge on vestibular conditions and how they can affect someone’s daily life, leading to acceptance and understanding.

In order to maintain your own vestibular health, get regular balance screenings and evaluations with an audiologist. At Happy Ears Hearing Center, our team can assess your vestibular system. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or vertigo exam with one of our professionals.

To participate in Balance Awareness Week, show an active presence on social media by sharing related sites, medical journals, and scholarly articles. You can also contact the team at Happy Ears Hearing Center or the Vestibular Disorders Association today.