Is It a Sinus Infection or an Ear Infection?

Sometimes, people who experience a feeling of fullness in the ear, muffled hearing and fever attribute these symptoms to a sinus infection. That could be a mistake because the symptoms all together line up more with an ear infection. Each type of infection has different treatments, so having the proper diagnosis is important. Symptoms of […]

When Is It Time to See an Audiologist?

Hearing loss is more common than many people think. Although it affects people of all ages, it is more prevalent among senior citizens. One in every three seniors has hearing loss to some degree. However, when is it time to see an audiologist? You may have started increasing the volume on the TV. You may […]

When Do You Need To Get a Hearing Test?

Your hearing is precious, easy to damage and difficult to fix. However, many people never schedule hearing tests to ensure that their ears are working as well as they can. Doctors recommend annual check-ups and dentists suggest an exam and cleaning twice a year. However, most people don’t bother seeing a doctor about their hearing […]

The Difference Between an Audiologist and a Hearing Instrument Specialist

If you have difficulty with hearing, you may consider going to a specialist who can help you. Before you search for “audiologist near me,” it is helpful to understand what type of professional you need to see. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are different. Depending on your needs, you may need to see one and […]

6 Tips To Keep Your Ears Happy and Healthy!

Humans use our hearing all the time. It helps us communicate, be aware of our surroundings and enjoy our favorite media. Unfortunately, hearing loss is often permanent. Therefore, it is important to maintain good practices to protect and care for our hearing. These six tips will help you keep your hearing health as optimal as […]

Understanding the Difference Between BAHA and Cochlear Implants

Some people with hearing loss respond well to traditional hearing aids to amplify sound, but others are not so fortunate. Those people may need to go a step further and consider an implant to improve the quality of their hearing. There are two main types of surgically implanted devices, BAHA and cochlear implants, which work […]

How To Tell if Your Child is Suffering From Hearing Loss

The idea of your child suffering from hearing loss is a scary thought. Most parents don’t expect to ever need to deal with this situation. However, according to the CDC, around 0.17% of infants and .5% of children age three to 17 suffer some form of hearing loss. Early intervention can lead to better outcomes. […]

Deaf Awareness Spotlight – Dr. Matthew Wetmore

Dr. Matt Wetmore Spotlight

In honor of Deaf Awareness Month, Happy Ears Hearing Center is excited to spotlight one of our very own Audiologists. Dr. Matthew Wetmore, who has lived with hearing loss his entire life and successfully utilizes a cochlear implant and hearing aid. At Happy Ears, we seek out providers who are not only amazing clinicians but […]

Hearing Loss, Usher Syndrome, and Hope

Dr. Dewsnup and her son Brenden

As an Audiologist and mother of a child diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, my eyes have been opened to a community I never knew existed. When my son was diagnosed with hearing loss, we were devastated and thought his hearing loss would be our biggest battle. After getting past the grief associated with my son’s hearing loss […]