Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants

Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants are one of the world’s most advanced cochlear implant systems to help you or your loved one hear again, or experience the joy of sound for the first time.

Hearing loss affects millions of people of all ages around the world. For many, hearing aids provide a viable solution, but if you or a loved one experience significant hearing loss, hearing aids may offer little or no benefit. That’s when it’s time to consider cochlear implants, a medical device technology that tens of thousands of people around the world rely on, as a way to restore hearing.

If you are considering a cochlear implant, there are many reasons to continue to use a hearing aid in your other ear. Your hearing aid provides loudness and sound with depth. Your cochlear implant gives you greater clarity. When the devices work together, they can provide the rich sound you want and the speech understanding you need. 

Advanced Bionics Naida CI Q90

Naida CI Q90

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor from Advanced Bionics provides unique, groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear better in any environment. The industry’s most advanced sound processor combines new features never before seen in a cochlear implant system, with proven, unique solutions for the best possible hearing wherever you go.

The Naída CI Q90 intelligently analyzes and automatically adapts to the sound around you so you hear your best wherever you go without having to change programs or adjust any settings.

Because they use the same platform, the Naída hearing aid and cochlear implant devices are able to communicate with each other in a way no other hearing aid and cochlear implant combination can match.

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