Should I Buy Hearing Aids Online?

buying hearing aids online

With an increased number of individuals purchasing everything online, it is tempting for those with hearing loss to bypass the professional to get what they may think is cheaper pricing by purchasing hearing aids online. Many companies are selling hearing aids illegally online. These companies are constantly getting shut down. The FDA requires hearing aids to be fit by licensed hearing healthcare professionals.

Internet sales companies promise long warranties and cheap prices, however, they don’t tell you if the hearing aids go into the manufacturer for a service, the manufacturers void the warranties because they haven’t been purchased by licensed hearing healthcare professionals. Hearing aids purchased online are not programmed for the individual’s hearing loss and no verification testing is involved. If you are not seeing an Audiologist, how do you know that your hearing problems are not due to wax or caused by a tumor that needs medical attention?

First time hearing aid users are unaware of the adjustments and time it takes to get used to hearing devices. They are not programmed and fit right out of a box. Hearing aids require skilled programming by a hearing professional who has an education in hearing loss. Online hearing aid retailers are not Audiologists and in most cases have no education in hearing loss.

If you have a hearing loss and price is a barrier, contact one of our clinics today to discuss different pricing options. Hearing aids can be costly because all future services are bundled into the cost of the device. If you need lower pricing, go to someone who is “unbundled” so you can pay for service as necessary and avoid a large upfront expense.