Cartoon clip board and man5 Steps to Ensure Hearing Aid Success

1. Acceptance of the hearing loss. Recognize your hearing loss is making communication difficult. People with positive attitudes will do better with hearing aids. 

2. Be Realistic. Hearing loss develops gradually. Most individuals with hearing loss get used to not hearing softer sounds. Hearing aids bring softer sounds back and it takes time for the brain to adjust and re-learn how to tune some sounds out.

3. Be Patient with yourself and your new technology. Hearing aids help to enhance the hearing you have. They do not restore that “normal” hearing that you once had. Your audiologist is your advocate. Make sure you are scheduled for follow-up appointments weekly the first month you receive your device. Take notes and ask questions to maximize the use of your hearing aids. This will help with the fine tuning adjustments your audiologist will make. 

4. Identify situations that may be difficult for you. Take notes and make sure you discuss difficult settings with your audiologist. If the audiologist understands your listening needs, they can help to address your concerns and make sure to choose the best hearing aid for your lifestyle and communication needs. People purchase hearing aids that are different prices and relate to certain lifestyle and communication needs. Your friend’s hearing aids may not be the best choice of hearing aids for you. No two hearing loss patients are the same.

5. Attend all of your follow-up appointments. Patients should follow-up every 3 to 6 months to check for wax. Make sure you get the follow-up service and care you need and deserve. If you live in a different area part of the year, make sure to talk to your audiologist about providers that can assist you when you are out of state.