AGX hearing aids are Audigy branded hearing aids. AGX Hearing technology is no different from other hearing technology other than it is “locked”. AGX hearing aids are mainly private-labeled Starkey and Oticon brand hearing aids. ReSound recently purchased Audigy, so they may come into the mix.  Audigy reports the only difference between their brands and other brands are the professionals who fit the devices. Even though the hearing aids are mainly Starkey and Oticon branded, if the AGX label is on the device, it means the patients are limited to Audigy Certified practices who have access to the locked software.

Audigy Certified professionals are a good mix of both Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. There are only four Audigy Certified hearing practices in the greater Phoenix area. Make sure to ask your hearing care professional if the devices you are being fit with have the original brand name on them. If they have AGX, they are “locked” and only certain hearing care professionals will be able to make adjustments to those devices. In some situations, the manufacturer allows you to send them in to have them unlocked, however, if there is another office in the area, you will have to switch providers.

Happy Ears Hearing Center services AGX hearing aids in Gilbert, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, and Sun City West, Arizona.