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If you need a hearing aid to improve your quality of life, a wide range of devices is available at Happy Ears Hearing Center. We proudly offer hearing aids from one of the most trusted brands in the industry: Starkey Hearing Aids. 

Starkey Devices and Accessories

The Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids function like the brain’s cerebral cortex, filling in the gaps in your hearing. With the most sophisticated technology 

available today, the Genesis AI can make more than 80 million personalized adjustments per hour. With an ergonomic fit, built-in durability, and a battery that lasts the whole day, it offers the help you can depend on.

genesis receiver in canal starkey hearing aid

Starkey also offers Evolv AI, which can make over 55 million personalized adjustments per hour in any listening environment. With clearer sound and less background noise, Evolv AI can consistently deliver authentic sound. It also features health and activity trackers and offers advanced connectivity to more Android devices than previous options.

For custom hearing aids, you can turn to the Picasso custom hearing aids. These aids fit your unique ear shape and provide a clear sound that you can trust. They sit completely in your ear, offering maximum comfort and discreteness. They also easily let you transition between listening environments throughout your day. 


starkey picasso in the ear versionStarkey has an option for you no matter what style of hearing aid you feel most comfortable wearing. At Happy Ears Hearing Center, we offer the following:

  • In-the-ear (ITE)
  • In-the-canal (ITC)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
  • Invisible (IIC)
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC)

For a custom hearing aid that sits on the outer portion of your ear, you can choose an In-the-Ear aid. It provides volume and memory controls that other hearing aids cannot offer while allowing you to choose between a half or full shell. It is best suited for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 

The In-the-Canal hearing aid is another custom option, but this one fits mostly inside your ear canal with a smaller portion showing in your outer ear. It is less visible than other styles and easier to insert and remove. It includes volume and memory controls. 

The most common hearing aid in the world is the Behind-the-Ear type. It has large batteries that offer longer functioning and a larger overall size that allows for more features. It is available in standard, mini, or power models. 

If you’re looking for a discreet hearing aid option that can allow for a more natural sound, the Receiver-In-Canal type may be right for you. It uses a thin tube that begins at the hearing aid and stretches over the outer ear and into the ear canal. Its size makes it more durable. And because it is quick to fit into place, you can take it home on the same day. 

As its name suggests, the Invisible hearing aid fits into the second bend of the ear canal, making it impossible to see from the outside. It is the smallest and most discreet Starkey hearing aid.

For an aid that sits almost entirely in your ear canal, choose the Completely-In-Canal. It is the second-smallest Starkey option, and it is custom-made to fit your ear, offering help for any level of hearing loss. You can easily remove these hearing aids using the soft tab that extends out of the ear. 

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Have questions about Starkey Hearing Aids? We are here to help. 

How Long Do Starkey Hearing Aids Last?

For most people, a Starkey hearing aid can last three to five years, but many factors affect your hearing aid’s lifetime. If you live in a dusty or humid environment or wear them all the time, they may last for a shorter period. You want to remember to clean your hearing aids as instructed and to have routine appointments with your hearing professionals. 

Some hearing aids can last longer than five years. However, most people replace them with newer models as technology advances. 

How to Connect Starkey Hearing Aids with a Smartphone?

Your Starkey hearing aids are made to work with your smartphone, allowing you to reroute phone calls right to your hearing aids when they are powered on. iOS allows you to select how audio calls and media audio are routed. To do this, you must pair the two devices together so they can communicate. 

The first step is to enable Bluetooth on your phone. You can do this by visiting the settings menu and toggling Bluetooth to On. Within the setting menu, find Accessibility and then Hearing Devices. 

While the phone looks for the hearing aids, turn them off and back on, putting the aids in pairing mode. Your phone will then display the name of your hearing aids. 

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Starkey Hearing Aid?

Your Starkey hearing aid can last up to five years. To ensure it lasts as long as possible, you want your hearing professional to inspect and clean them every six months. 

It is important to remember, though, that Starkey hearing aids are highly durable. You can expect them to survive high drops and much more, allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

How to Adjust the Volume on Starkey Hearing Aids

To control the volume, you must download the Thrive Hearing Control app onto your smartphone. Once you install it, you can adjust the volume by going to the app’s home screen and moving the volume slider on the left and right to adjust each aid. 

You can tap anywhere on the sliders to return to the default volume. You can also mute both hearing aids by tapping the mute button. Tapping it again will unmute them. 

How Often Should You Charge Starkey Hearing Aids?

The answer will depend greatly on how much you use your hearing aids, but most people charge them every night. 

How Often Do Starkey Hearing Aids Need to Be Cleaned?

It is best to clean Starkey hearing aids daily. You will need to use a soft toothbrush, a dry, soft cloth, or a hearing aid dryer.

Each morning, you will want to brush the receiver end and the microphone of your hearing aids. This is when you can also change wax guards. 

If you have non-rechargeable hearing aids, wipe them with a soft cloth each evening. Open the battery door and power off the aids so that the batteries last longer. You can then place the hearing aids in their dryer. 

If you have rechargeable hearing aids, wipe them with a cloth each evening. After that, you can place them in their charger. 

Remember, too, that water, alcohol swabs, or any type of cleaning solvent can damage your hearing aids. Thus, you should avoid using these in your cleaning routine.

How to Turn On/Off Starkey Hearing Aids

For most Starkey hearing aids, turning them on and off involves simply opening the battery door for “off” and closing it for “on.”