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Oticon More™ hearing aids reduce cognitive stress and free up the brain to perform other critical tasks. Most Importantly, Oticon hearing aids help you hear better and remember more with less effort, and therefore improving your daily interactions with others around you. Besides that, these amazing hearing aids fuel the brain in complex listening environments so listeners experience less mental fatigue, more energy, sharper focus, better speech recall and, most importantly, less social isolation.

Oticon More™ hearing aids are changing lives with MoreSound intelligence. Oticon hearing devices are proven to work together with the brain to help people hear better. Oticon hearing aids also deliver a better listening experience and have the ability to manage multiple talkers, even in noisy environments.

Happy Ears Audiologists will help you find an Oticon hearing aid is right for you and fits within your budget. At Happy Ears, we believe hearing aids AND services should be affordable to everyone. Happy Ears Hearing Center is dedicated to making hearing aids and services more affordable while maintaining the best quality hearing care. We are proud to partner with Oticon to help drive that vision.

Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon More miniRITE

miniRITE sits discreetly behind the ear and is Oticon’s smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid. A tiny speaker attached to a thin, almost invisible wire fits comfortably in the ear. The More miniRITE is Made for iPhone® and Android. A simple push button controls volume and listening programs. Oticon More hearing aids are able to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

Oticon More miniRITE-R

Superb sound quality with the style and groundbreaking features you want to enhance your life, all designed into one compact device. The new Oticon More miniRITE R is a discreet lithium–ion-based rechargeable style that provides a full day of battery life,** including streaming, after just three hours of charging. Better hearing and speech understanding in a variety of environments, with less effort and worry‑free rechargeability for more convenience. That’s Oticon More.

  • No disposable batteries means less hassle and waste
  • Quick recharge of 30 minutes for an additional six hours of power
Oticon More in Charger

Oticon Xceed Power

Feedback is an annoying whistle or static noise that usually occurs when something or someone comes close to your hearing aid. Traditional hearing aid technology has handled whistling by simply turning down the volume, compromising your ability to understand speech. Oticon Xceed, with OpenSound Optimizer™, handles whistling and static in a whole new way, preventing it from even happening. With Oticon Xceed, you can enjoy a clear, stable speech signal throughout the day without the worry of whistling.

Oticon ON Remote App

The Polaris™, Velox S™ and Velox™ platforms’ TwinLink™ technologies enable advanced connections to a whole world of wireless devices and solutions. Stream your TV’s audio directly to your hearing aids, or adjust the volume discreetly with a tiny Remote Control. With the Oticon ON app, you can set personal listening goals and follow your daily hearing aid use through HearingFitness™.

Oticon ON enables your hearing aids to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services. Trigger your lights, home alarm or smart thermostat when you turn your hearing aids on or off. Tell your hearing aids to notify you when your battery is low, the laundry is finished, or someone’s at the door. With Oticon ON, it’s all up to you.

Oticon More Phone App