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Signia Hearing Aids and Accessories

The Signia line of hearing aids is one of the most popular brands in the hearing device industry. Signa products use advanced technology to provide the best hearing experience possible. With a wide range of products, Signia aids can treat everything from mild to profound hearing loss.

Styletto AX

Styletto AX hearing aids are designed for mild to severe hearing loss. This stylish device is sleek and thin, using Augmented Xperience technology to provide outstanding speech clarity.

Pure Charge&Go AX

The Pure Charge&Go AX rechargeable devices are ideal for mild to profound hearing impairment. Pure Charge&Go AX aids are great for distinguishing speech in noisy background environments.

Pure 312 AX

Pure 312 AX hearing aids can resolve mild to profound hearing loss. They are very small and use direct streaming to amplify the sounds around you.

Insio Charge&Go AX

Insio Charge&Go AX is an innovative auditory aid that uses AX Soundscape Processing to make sounds distinct. These rechargeable devices are tailor-made to fit each individual’s unique ear anatomy.

Signia Active Pro

The Signia Active Pro hearing aid was created for mild to moderate hearing impairment. Signia Active Pro uses a high-tech system to make nearby speech clear, leading to easier conversations.

Active X

Signia Active X is a rechargeable hearing aid used specifically for understanding speech in noisy environments.

Motion Charge&Go X

The Motion Charge&Go X is discreetly worn behind the ear. It’s meant for mild to severe hearing loss.

Motion Charge&Go P X

Motion Charge&Go P X is a rechargeable auditory aid for moderate to profound hearing loss. This device is perfect for people who struggle to hear in everyday situations.

Motion Charge&Go SP X

The Motion Charge&Go SP X is the most advanced device. It’s designated to treat profound hearing impairment with Super Power technology.

Motion 13 NX

Signia Motion 13 NX is a flexible hearing aid that uses direct streaming to enhance natural sounds.

Silk Nx

The Silk X product was developed as a discreet hearing aid that can amplify nearby sounds. Silk X is a good option for people who want a simple solution for mild to moderate hearing issues.

FAQ Section

How Long Do Signia Hearing Aids Last?

The duration of your Signia auditory aid can vary depending on the product you choose. Their rechargeable aids can last anywhere from 19 to 61 hours when charged. They also offer disposable aids that run 24/7 for up to 120 days.

How to Connect Signia Hearing Aids With a Smartphone?

If you choose Signia aids that can be paired with a smartphone, your device will come with detailed instructions on how to sync the two using Bluetooth.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Signia Hearing Aid?

When well cared for, your Signia auditory aids should last for years.

How to Adjust the Volume on Signia Hearing Aids?

The volume on your Signia aids can be adjusted in one of three ways. One option is using the included remote. Some Signia aids come with a small switch on the device itself. Most Signia products can be synced to your smartphone, where you can control the volume from the corresponding app.

How Often Should You Charge Signia Hearing Aids?

Signia hearing aids should be charged whenever the power is close to running out or completely gone. For rechargeable aids, that falls somewhere between 19 and 61 hours. Time will vary depending on the device.

How Often Do Signia Hearing Aids Need to Be Cleaned?

Your Signia hearing aids should be gently wiped off with an antibacterial wipe after each wear.

How to Turn On/Off Signia Hearing Aids?

You can turn your Signia hearing aids off using the included remote or the associated smartphone app. Some of the larger aids have a switch on the device itself that allows you to turn it off. The disposable aids are supposed to run 24/7, so they do not turn off.

Hearing Evaluations at Happy Ears

Do you want to experience Signia hearing aids for yourself? You can count on the team at Happy Ears Hearing Center to set you up with the best Signia product to meet your needs. Call us or visit us online to schedule a consultation.