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Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to offer Unitron hearing aids. Unitron partners with dedicated hearing healthcare professionals around the world who share their belief that hearing well is a beautiful thing. With the force of many scientists behind Unitron’s product development, their most important validation doesn’t take place in a lab. Unitron’s audiologists and product experts spend months ensuring their technologies work in the real world for real people. Unitron also gathers in-depth feedback from hearing healthcare professionals and conducts extensive field trials and in-clinic validations before taking a new product to market.

Unitron is the only hearing aid manufacturer to offer the upgradeable hearing technology. Upgradeable hearing aids are designed for individuals who need to fit within a certain budget. Hearing aids can be expensive depending on the level of technology a person decides to go with. Unitron hearing aids can be upgraded to different levels of technology at any time. If basic hearing aids are all an individual can afford, the upgrade allows you to obtain higher levels of technology by paying an upgrade fee, without having to purchase brand new hearing aids.

Unitron offers a variety of hearing aid styles including their new North Platform