Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is a high-quality manufacturer of hearing aids, providing technological innovations that offer solutions for many types of hearing loss, including unilateral and asymmetrical as well as mild to severe hearing loss. Widex hearing aids offer features like SoundSense Learn technology and AI machine learning. 

Available Widex Hearing Aids 

Widex hearing aids give you the help you need, no matter what type of hearing loss you have. 

Widex Moment With PureSound Technology

The Widex Moment hearing aid offers some of the purest and fastest sound in the hearing aid world. This is thanks to PureSound technology, which provides none of the artificial or tinny sounds that other hearing aids tend to give. 

Widex Moment Sheer

With the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid, there’s no delay in the pure, clear sound that reaches your ear. When you use the AI-powered Widex MySound Technology, you have more control over how you hear everything around you. 

Widex Evoke

The Widex Evoke is a smart hearing aid — you can choose to customize your hearing experience or allow the hearing aid to automatically make these decisions for you. The Evoke hearing aid adjusts to your environment quickly using the Fluid Sound Analyzer. Because the hearing aid learns every time you use it, it gets better each day. 

Widex Unique

The Unique hearing aid helps you get a clear sound image that is rich in auditory detail. The hearing aid adapts to where you are by adjusting its levels to fit one of its nine sound classes — offering clear sound even in the wind. 

Widex Cros

For people who have single-sided deafness or one-sided hearing loss, the Widex Cros offers solutions. With no echoes or sound disturbances, the Widex Cros is simple to use and gives you the exact level of hearing you need in each ear. 


How Long Do Widex Hearing Aids Last?

A Widex hearing aid usually lasts from five to seven years, though many factors can impact this lifespan. Two of these factors are the amount of usage of the hearing aid and the level of care it receives. 

How Do You Turn Widex Hearing Aids On and Off?

To turn a Widex hearing aid with batteries on, close the battery lid. The aid will make a sound to let you know it’s on unless your hearing healthcare provider turns this feature off. To turn the hearing aid off, you need to push the battery lid down. When you’re not using the hearing aid, remember to turn it off. 

For a Widex hearing aid with rechargeable batteries, press the power button on the hearing aid for six seconds to turn it off, and another six seconds to turn it back on. 

How Do You Adjust the Volume on Widex Hearing Aids?

The exact way to adjust the volume usually depends on the type of hearing aid you have. Some hearing aids have a button near the light indicator that allows you to adjust the volume. Many of the Widex hearing aids are calibrated to do this for you by naturally adjusting to the environment. You will usually hear a beep every time you adjust the volume setting. 

How Often Should You Charge Widex Hearing Aids?

Most Widex hearing aids offer 37 hours of use on one single charge, though the exact number depends on the streaming usage and other factors. It’s recommended that you charge the hearing aids each night when you’re not using them. As the hearing aids get older, the charging power may decline. 

Can Widex Hearing Aids Connect With a Smartphone? If So, How?

Yes, Widex hearing aids connect with smartphones. To activate this feature, go to your phone’s settings and enable Bluetooth. Go to Settings and scroll down to Accessibility. 

Tap the More Options button and find the Hearing Devices section. Tap this section to see the setting. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, place them on the charging station and then remove them again. If you have hearing aids that work with batteries, open and close the battery door to turn them on again. 

Your phone will now be able to see the hearing aids. You can begin pairing the phone with the hearing aid by tapping on the aid’s name. 

How Often Do Widex Hearing Aids Need to Be Cleaned?

You should clean Widex hearing aids every night. Check them for dirt or wax and remove anything you find with the brush that came with the hearing aids. 

Get Hearing Aids You Can Depend On

To get the hearing aids you need, contact Happy Ears Hearing Centers for a healing evaluation or a fitting. We’ll help you find the right options for you.