Hearing Aid Pricing

hearing aid pricingAt Happy Ears Hearing Center, we believe in making Happy Ears affordable to everyone. Our hearing aid pricing makes this possible for every patient we see. Too often we see patients who have resorted to purchasing hearing aids in big warehouse stores to get lower pricing. They come to us for help when they are not satisfied, but unfortunately, the warehouse stores do not tell them this technology is locked and not programmable by outside businesses. Even these cheaper hearing aids are still expensive if they do not work and are not programmed properly. 

Hearing loss is unique and is not something that can be easily or accurately treated by purchasing cheap hearing aids over the counter, online, or in big warehouse stores where you are just another number. 

Happy Ears Hearing Center firmly believes, to have the highest chance of success with hearing aids, hearing loss must be treated by hearing health professionals with extensive backgrounds and education in hearing loss. This is why Happy Ears Hearing Center only employs Doctors of Audiology.