You Are Not Alone, Help Is Available

Hard of Hearing Blue

When someone is living with hearing loss, the first step in coping with it is simply acknowledging its reality. For most individuals, this is not easy to do. In fact, most people see hearing loss as a sign of aging. The truth is, hearing loss affects individuals of all ages. With modern science and technology, newborn babies are now being diagnosed with hearing loss within hours of birth. In order to minimize the impact a hearing loss has on every aspect of your life, acceptance is crucial. 

This does not mean that you have to like it, however, once diagnosed as having a hearing loss, it is time to move on and treat it. New research done by John’s Hopkins University has shown that untreated hearing loss can lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and brain atrophy; due to cognitive decline. Stimulating the auditory nerve also stimulates certain portions of the brain. Lack of stimulation can cause the auditory nerve to shut down, and over time can cause brain atrophy. Treating the hearing loss as soon as possible decreases your risk of auditory deprivation and cognitive decline.

You Do Not Have to Face Hearing Loss Alone

Call our office to find out when our next local support group meets. Ask our audiologist about support groups and activities around the valley for individuals with hearing loss as well as online resources that may help.

Our support groups allow you to:

  • Talk with a licensed audiologist who also lives with hearing loss on a daily basis
  • Talk with others who have hearing loss
  • Learn coping strategies and find out about local resources
  • Learn about the latest technology – hearing aids, phones, cochlear implants, captioning, hearing assistive technology, and more – all to help you live well with hearing loss
  • See how a hearing-friendly environment works to help you with your hearing loss