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Hearing Services | Balance ServicesHappy Ears Hearing Center is proud to offer the widest range of Audiology services you will find in Arizona. We’re not only experts in the latest hearing aid devices, we provide treatment for tinnitus, cochlear implants, and bone-anchored hearing aids. We love restoring the confidence and quality of life that hearing loss often takes away. We are eager to help the people of the Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, and surrounding areas find happy hearing again! We are looking forward to adding you and/or your loved one as a part of that family. Our Audiologists are experts in all of the latest hearing technology and have studied for many years to provide the highest quality Audiology services in hearing healthcare.

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Happy Ears Hearing Center – Gilbert, Arizona

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Dr. Shanna Dewsnup, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Shanna Dewsnup is licensed in Arizona as a Doctor of Audiology and Dispensing Audiologist. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, with an emphasis in Deaf Education, from Utah State University. She also studied at the University of Cincinnati where she obtained her degree as a Doctor of Audiology.

Chelsea Durso – Audiology Assistant

Trusted Audiologists by Gilbert, AZ

Are you or a loved one in need of audiology services? Hearing loss or impairment is a common struggle, leading people of all ages to seek auditory aids. National Health Interview Survey revealed that about 13% of adults had at least some difficulty hearing even while using a hearing aid. This could be an indication that the person is not wearing his or her hearing aids correctly or that something has gone wrong with the device. In many cases, a simple fix could restore the efficacy of the hearing device.Happy Ears Hearing Center audiologists are a trusted provider of hearing aids and other audiology services. We work with patients throughout Gilbert, AZ, and surrounding cities to improve their hearing and enhance communication. At Happy Ears Hearing Center, we offer a wide range of services listed below.

Hearing Aid Repair

Modern hearing devices are sophisticated pieces of equipment and not everyone knows exactly how to use them. Our professional staff understands that and is there to ensure you get all of the benefits of your device, even if you did not purchase them from one of our Happy Ears Hearing Centers. Whether you need help with hearing aid fittings in Gilbert, Arizona, or some other adjustment, we will work to repair your units.Many repairs can be done in our office in a short time for a minimal charge. Our hearing centers have several advantages when it comes to repairs:

  • Repairs for all the top hearing aid brands
  • Fast fixes for a variety of common problems
  • Professional treatment of more complicated issues 

Don’t go a moment longer with poorly functioning hearing aids. Our hearing specialists will identify the problem and take the appropriate action.

Telehealth Services

At Happy Ears Hearing Center, we understand that getting to the doctor’s office is not always possible. This is why we offer telehealth services and remote programming.Patients can meet with one of our providers using their home computer or hearing aid app. We’ll discuss your concerns through secure two-way video and even re-program your hearing aids, if needed.

Essential Products and Services

John Hopkins Medicine reports that there are many different types of hearing loss, with causes ranging from loud working environments to heredity to illnesses such as high blood pressure. The good news is that our Happy Ears Hearing Center can treat all of the issues that deal with hearing loss.When it comes to hearing aid stores in Gilbert, Arizona, our center offers the widest range of audiology services and products. We provide hearing solutions from the simple to the complex:

Both our services and our products make use of the latest technology. Advances in science now allow us to treat hearing problems in ways that were not possible just a few short years ago. When looking for hearing aids near me, contact us at Happy Ears for the most effective solutions. 

Pediatric Hearing Care

Pediatric hearing evaluations are essential for a child’s well-being, speech, and communication skills. When your child is in need of a hearing test in Gilbert, AZ, look no further than Happy Ears Hearing Center. We provide pediatric audiology services, including hearing tests, cochlear implants, and referrals to speech therapists. 

Professional Assistance

Not all hearing aid centers employ doctors of audiology. Some rely on hearing instrument specialists or dispensers who do not have advanced training and education. At Happy Ears, we only work with qualified hearing aid doctors in Gilbert, Arizona. Our doctors of audiology have extensive training in all areas of hearing loss and treatment.When it comes to the best hearing aid for your situation, we have many quality options to choose from. Some hearing aid stores in Gilbert, Arizona, offer only one brand of equipment to treat a hearing issue. These stores can only represent a single manufacturer. That is not the case at Happy Ears, where we offer units for sale from many trusted companies, including Oticon, Unitron, ReSound, Hansaton, and Phonak.Our audiologists are also proficient in setting you up with cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing devices. We know that not all hearing loss issues are the same, so we work to provide you with the optimal solution. Some devices work better depending upon your unique situation.   

Hearing Health

Whether you need a hearing aid repair or treatment for tinnitus, we are here to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Our Happy Ears Hearing Center in Gilbert is devoted to healthy and happy hearing. The National Institute on Aging reports that hearing loss can lead to dementia, depression, loneliness, and balance issues.The best way to combat this is by regular checkups with medical professionals and working with highly-trained hearing specialists. Also, good hearing brings many pleasures such as listening to music and enjoying a long telephone conversation.If you experience ringing in your ears or difficulty hearing, contact our office to learn about the newest treatment options and what would be best for your individual hearing needs. Happy Ears Hearing Center only employs Doctors of Audiology who are extensively trained in all types of hearing loss and treatment options. Happy Ears Hearing Center in Gilbert, Arizona is located near Broadway and Recker Rd in the Baywood Medical Plaza.

Tinnitus Specialist in Gilbert, AZ

If you’re experiencing a constant ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound in your ears, you might be suffering from tinnitus. Although tinnitus is a common condition, it is nonetheless frustrating to live with. Fortunately, if you work with a hearing specialist, you can find the right treatment to help you effectively manage your tinnitus.

How Tinnitus Treatment Works

Treatment begins with a consultation with one of our audiologists at Happy Ears Hearing Center in Gilbert, AZ. Our hearing professionals are expertly trained in diagnosing and managing tinnitus. We do this with the help of various tools, such as audiological evaluations.Happy Ears offers a personalized approach to care so that every tinnitus treatment is tailored according to your condition to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Exploring Treatment Possibilities

Tinnitus treatment takes various forms. Some treatment approaches include:

  • Sound therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dietary changes

The onset and symptoms can vary from patient to patient, so we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to tinnitus treatment.

Tinnitus Treatment in Gilbert, AZ

At Happy Ears Hearing in Gilbert, AZ, we believe everyone living with tinnitus deserves access to comprehensive management strategies, so they can live a life free from persistent and unwelcome sounds.Our tinnitus specialists are experts who are committed to helping our patients navigate their journey with both compassion and expertise.

Balance Services – Gilbert, AZ

  • Balance Evaluation
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Diagnostic Vestibular Evaluations
  • Head Injuries and Concussions
  • Sports Concussions
  • Ear Crystals
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Cholesteatoma

If you experience balance or fall risks, contact our office for an evaluation and to learn about the newest treatment options. Happy Ears Balance Center only employs highly qualified Audiologists who are extensively trained in all types of balance disorders and treatment options. Happy Ears Balance Center in Gilbert, Arizona is located near Broadway and Recker Rd in the Baywood Medical Plaza.

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Hearing Aid Brand Choices

Many hearing stores and practices only offer one option to treat your hearing. In many cases, it is because they are owned by, or incentivised by a single manufacturer. However, just like hearing loss, not all treatment options are the same. Some devices are better than others depending on your unique type of loss and the lifestyle you want to lead.

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Wonderful experience! If you were ever hesitant about getting your hearing checked, rest assured that this is painless, hassle free and oh so very informative. Take advantage of Dr Patton's initial evaluation and find out what you are missing!
michael matthews
00:19 23 Oct 19
Dr. Patton is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.She is clearly on a mission to improve her industry and help her patients. She took a lot of time to chat with me before the test, and actually cared enough to get to know me a bit. I never see that in a doctor.She was amazingly cheerful throughout the testing process and was re-assuring when I was concerned.She explained the results in plain English and helped me understand all my treatment options. She could have steered me towards the most expensive treatment options, but she steered me to what she believed was best for me.I'm a patient for life!
Don Wilde
00:43 04 Sep 19
Dr Patton and her team are amazing. They are super attentive, they have a wealth of knowledge and the best equipment around. Very clean facility and great staff.
Dorian Valente
02:34 10 Oct 19
Dr. Patton took my son and I into her office and spoke with us prior to the exam. She talked directly to my son as well and allowed him to answer for himself and have him be a part of his care. After the exam we went back into her office to go over results and discuss next steps. Very personable. Best doctor visit we have ever had! Would definitely go back and already scheduled to!
Marlena Tholen
14:44 24 Jul 19
The front desk was helpful and kind and Dr. Patton was incredible with our 5 year old. I highly recommend Happy Ears, and especially Dr. Patton.
Mary Cipolla
11:56 18 Jul 19
I had a hearing test with Dr. Patton a few months ago and have suggested the office to several friends since. Fantastic doctor that actually made me understand what I was being and the girl at the front desk was welcoming and set a great tone for how the rest of the visit went. Luckily I had normal hearing but will continue to come here for my annual appointments and will absolutely use this office if I ever need hearing aids in the future! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Brenda Lamb
00:32 06 Dec 19
Doctor Patton was very thorough and patience ensuring that I understood all upcoming procedures, and options.
David Brown
01:28 11 Jan 20
Easy to schedule an appointment and fill in the appropriate paperwork for submission on line. Tests were accomplished professionally and results thoroughly explained with the options. A personal note was received after my visit which added a positive feeling to my experience. Highly recommend.
Melvyn Klaus
17:04 12 Jan 20
Absolutely wonderful staff. They go above and beyond and truly care about the needs of the patients.
Julie Willoughby
20:58 13 Jan 20
Dr. Patton was polite, professional, thorough in her explanation of the testing process prior to, and with the testing results. She assisted me with having a complete understanding of my good hearing, and my hearing loss with data in the amount of decibels and at what frequency ranges in a very easy to understand format. The testing didn't take to long, I was greeted with a smile at sign in, the office was very clean and well decorated, they were able to contact my insurance company to verify my coverages, and I was in and out on time. Dr. Patton explained the different hearing aid options from multiple manufacturers, styles, colors, and options which helped me to make an informed decision based on what was best for my lifestyle (being in construction), the amount of hearing loss and at what frequencies. Dr. Patton gave a complete explanation of the fitting and fine tuning processes and answered all of my questions. She has excellent credentials, real life experiences to get you the correct product for your needs, and a kind heart that truly cares about the client. She and the entire staff were a pleasure to work with. I give 5 stars based on the professionalism, quality and diversity of the products offered, and the willingness to go the distance to make sure everything is done correctly. I would recommend them to everyone.
Anthony Hamel
02:08 14 Jan 20
This place is amazing!!! Here is my story, so I have had hearing lost for about 20 years and tried a hearing aid about 10 years ago and didn't have good luck because it didn't fit well and had a lot of feedback so I gave up on it and decide to accept my deafness till a friend recommended Happy Ears, so I decided to give them a try. I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by Dr Alexa who I have to say put me at ease right away. I went thru all the different test and found out that I was basically deaf, Well she recommended two hearing aids and she promised me that I would love them and WOW !!! When I got them it was amazing and extremely comfortable, I could hear things I haven't heard in years. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on. If your looking for hearing aids and you want to be taken care my an amazing staff please go see Dr Alexa Patton she is the best. Let me also say that when I went back to have them fine tuned she was extremely patient with me and I thought some of the issues I had were stupid but she reassured me this was all normal issues and she had them corrected in minutes. Excellent patient care.
Doug Charpentier
17:26 19 Feb 20
Taking my 2 year old to get her hearing checked was a dreadful thought... I’m so happy I chose Happy Ears Hearing Center, they made this appointment a breeze for me!! They were very professional, the team was so welcoming, and they had a designated play/waiting area for young kids! My little girl had a blast just waiting to be seen! Dr. Alexa & Madeline were thorough but also very quick which I loved !!! (did I mention 2 year old? LOL) I definitely will be recommending to all my mommy friends ! Thanks again guys!
Raven Moran
01:58 10 Mar 20
They are super nice, gentle, really caring and not only did the Dr. do a extensive follow up she did the foot work that usually most doctors tell you to do. Very thorough.
janna madden
18:32 16 Jul 20
I took my 2 year old to Happy Ears for a hearing evaluation due to delayed speech. It was a wonderful experience. The staff was incredibly friendly and professional. My son had so much fun that he didn’t want to leave! It helps that the test incorporated Mickey Mouse characters, which he really enjoyed. The appointment was quick and thorough, and we were happy to learn he passed with flying colors.
Travis Medrano
20:14 24 Aug 20
Very dissatisfied and disappointed in them. 2 weeks ago i came first time to check my hearing and buy a hearing aids. They schedulled for today but when i came today they told me to pay 150$ for only appointment fee. But 2 weeks ago they didn't told me about it. Waisted my time. So bad
15:35 25 Aug 20
Alexa is AMAZING! I have a 5 year old who doesn't want to talk to anyone. He was so nervous going to his appointment and the fear of the unknown or something being "wrong with him" (his words not mine) was visibly noted that morning. The moment we walked in to the office, he felt relaxed. Alexa explained everything and showed everything to him. She made his hearing test a game that he LOVED playing and has asked if we could go back and "listen for the beep" again. After she let him pick a small toy. This was the best appointment I think he had ever had. I would recommend them to anyone! Staff is wonderful and helpful. Clean facility. Caring and understanding and up front and honest! Thank you for taking such great care of my family❤
Cabrina Balcom
16:10 16 Sep 20
We have had questions about our son’s hearing abilities for several years, and have seen other hearing specialists to try and get answers. Although we were always told he had no problems, his behavior and struggles suggested otherwise. Finally, Dr Patton was able to get us some answers and actually give us tools to help our dude!! We are so excited to see how he improves, and experience the full world of sound with him for the first time. Dr. Patton was patient and kind as she explored his hearing issues, and she was so wonderful and excited helping my son pick out his brightly colored super ears. He has talked about how nice and kind she is multiple times since we saw her. We are so glad that we found a partner in our dude’s hearing journey, and so thankful to the beautiful office of Happy Ears for guiding us to get him help.
mandy osborne
22:11 23 Sep 20
I brought my 5 year old daughter who has hearing aids in for a hearing test. We wanted to have her aids checked to make sure they were working properly. Dr Alexa Patton was so wonderful. She was so Helpful, Kind, informative, I learned so much from her that I hadn’t been told before. Very appreciative to her. We will continue going to happy ears & would highly recommend it to anyone with questions about their hearing.
Carly Weiser
16:12 08 Oct 20
Very pleasurable appointment with Dr. Patton. She was extremely professional and seemed very knowledgeable and confident, which are great qualities in a Doctor. Becca was extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for everything and we’ll be seeing you soon.
Mike Miller
01:40 09 Oct 20
Dr. Alexa Patton is an incredible Doctor. She is knowledgeable, caring and goes above and beyond to help her patients feel at ease. Her personality is very calming, and she does a great job at educating in a very personable way. She’s also very funny and kept us laughing. She helped my 12 year old daughter feel very comfortable about needing hearing aids and really helped her feel comfortable and even excited. She took time to answer all of our questions and help us understand the entire process. She was very accommodating of our unique family situation and helped everyone be on the same page. She is truly remarkable. The level of care she provides makes her stand out in the medical field. She truly cares about her patients. She is amazing! Her staff is also fantastic, Becca the receptionist is super helpful. Thank you Dr. Patton for such an incredible experience.
Bekah Sien
18:22 30 Oct 20
My experience with Happy Ears in Mesa was everything I would want when going to a doctor that you know is going to cost dollars. I'm retired and live in Happy Jack - 2 1/2 hour drives.From the second I walked in, Jenna at the front desk personal and professional. Dr. Patton made me feel very comfortable, outlined the process, answered my questions and never pushed me into making a decision.I have not made a decision yet and I'm doing more research but at this time I have received nothing but truthful and honest information regarding my hearing and aids that are needed. Well worth my trip and time!Highly recommended!!John Motley
John Motley
22:53 13 Nov 20
I came to the right place. Doctor listen what I said and used my information and her knowledge to test my hearing. She explained to me the results with grafic. Then she worked to find the best way to help me. She grabs a device and sets it up so I wear it. Her job was awesome, I am hearing. Thank you Happy Ears.
Joel Corte
03:19 22 Dec 20
Office is neat and clean! Becca is friendly, professional and informative! Dr Patton is the best audiologist we have met;; professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful! We came out of the office feeling renewed re our hearing! Wil recommend them to any who are looking for hearing problems!Ron and Jeanine Mitchell
Jeanine Mitchell
16:22 01 Feb 21
Becca, up front, is so friendly and helpful. She makes the check-in/check-out process so smooth. Dr. Patton is incredible. She is filled with knowledge and always accessible. Visiting them is always something I look forward to.
Delaney McMahon
22:17 25 Feb 21
Happy Ears really took care of my daughter today and comforted her throughout the entire process. Small businesses who take care of all of their customers, including kids, really stands out as superior to me. Thank you so much for an enjoyable visit today!
Alli S
23:53 07 Mar 21
20:59 17 Mar 21
Happy Ears was so friendly and helpful. They made my 9 year old feel comfortable through the whole process. Would definitely recommend
Cassie Zeper
19:52 10 Apr 21
Alexia was Fantastic with Richard, who is five years old. After the testing she spent quality time explaining all about the test what can be done what should be our next steps. She is wonderful and very helpful. The whole staff goes out of their way to be helpful.
DarLa Hysing
16:55 30 Apr 21
We were so impressed with the care and professionalism we experienced at Happy Ears with Dr. Alexa Patton and Becca. My 19-month old did not want to leave. Every space is comfortable, clean, and so considerate of the clients and their needs. My little one was so ready for her VRA exam because she was already having a blast in the playroom. I would highly recommend this business and their services to anyone in the general Phoenix area!
Danielle Sison-Suchocki
22:01 07 May 21
Great experience for my daughter who is two and had sensory issues. They were really nice and helpful
Zchampaignbleu Salas
00:23 21 May 21
They were wonderful!! So awesome with our 2yr old❤️Thank you!!
Jill Tadvick
19:42 27 Apr 21
What a great experience. Friendly, professional and great attitude.
Laura Hershey
15:22 21 Sep 21
Waste my entire time waiting for an appointment for Med El replacement for a month. No contact, no email, no text message. No communications. I was referred to this audiologist! Waste my Valuable time!
Laura Adams
23:26 20 Oct 21
I was very impressed by Happy Ears.The test was very thorough and the recommendations very good. I am very pleased to have gone to them for my vertigo/meniere's disease problems.
Elaine Sabourin
17:42 10 Feb 22
The staff and service were superb!
Laura Stone
00:59 06 Aug 21
The Dr was very open and easy to talk to. I felt the exam was very thorough. I would definitely recommend Happy Ears to a friend!
Andrea Streed
16:35 22 Mar 22
I was very happy with all the people who took care of me ,starting with the receptionist. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Highly recommend
Etto Bennett
00:01 08 Apr 22
I see Acianie and immediately felt welcomed to be in the building and great service to me
David Renteria
22:15 14 Apr 22
As soon as I called Acianie was so friendly she put a smile on my face, she was very informative with all the services your company has to offer.
John White
18:42 15 Apr 22
Acianie was very helpful, friendly and informative in regards to the services offered by there office, I am extremely satisfied with how she handled her job and wish there were more people like her!!!
Tim Beards
18:31 15 Apr 22
When I stopped in to see about services offered Acianie was very professional and informative when it came to services and scheduling, what a sweet girl
Michelle Taylor
18:49 15 Apr 22
The receptionist was incredibly informative and very easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable and all of my questions were answered and handled in very friendly and professional manner. Great service!!
22:38 18 Apr 22
If you’re looking exceptional service and top notch quality, there is no other place to go than Happy Ears Hearing Center.I knew from the moment I called and spoke to the receptionist, that my mom would be in great hands. I never caught her name but a huge thank you to the receptionist for being so kind and knowledgeable.
Jason Jemel
23:59 18 Apr 22
This office provides EXCELLENT service! Both the reception and provider staff are professional, welcoming, and thorough. They make every attempt to care for my hearing needs at appointments and follow-up services. THANK YOU!
Kristine Burling
17:53 19 Apr 22
It has been a tremendous pleasure with the staff at happy ears center upon helping my husband with pleasurable service. The staff is amazing and very helpful I highly recommend this center and will be booking more appointments in the near future. 😀
Michelle Richards
18:35 19 Apr 22
A great spot for hearing tests. Staff is professional and thorough. Great with little kids, too! We visited here in 2020 and again in 2022. Recommend this business to everyone who needs this service. Excellent peace of mind.
Sara Presler
02:42 03 May 22
Great experience. Seen quickly, very friendly front staff & providers, clean & professional atmosphere, and resolved my issue (impacted ears) in just a few minutes. Also, a pretty flexible schedule (booked my appt for just a cpl of days out). Would definitely recommend.
Lincoln W
19:38 19 May 22
Was recommended a hearing test and was referred here. Staff is very nice and pleasant with me, Doctor is very nice and made things easy to understand and gave good recommendations/suggestions.
21:52 23 Jun 22
Terrific experience overall! Very thoughtful and thorough staff. They were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I appreciated the recommendations & I look forward to putting them into action.
Jerel Gilmore
21:57 18 Jul 22
Dr Sheehan is fantastic! Her staff is is all so very good but Dr Sheehan impressed me with her thoroughness. She has the experience to know what is going on with an ear!
anne johnson
19:05 10 Aug 22
I love this place. Always a very friendly front desk face, and knowledgeable and communicative audiologists. I recommend highly to all ages!!!
Sonya Romero
17:11 30 Aug 22
I have been having a lot of problems with my hearing aids due to jaw movement and they have been very helpful and understanding. They have definitely went out of their way for me. I would highly recommend them. They are amazing!!!
Jason Anderson
18:51 30 Aug 22
Brilliant, thorough hearing analysis! I came in with LOUD tinnitus in my ears. I had badly packed ear wax that my family doctor could not remedy. Dr. Jennifer Winters cleared my ears completely!! I will surely be a repeat customer. Well done!
mark siffer
23:26 30 Aug 22
My dad and I had an amazing experience at Happy Ears! Dr. Winters was so informative and helpful! The front office staff was very sweet too! Dad can't wait for his hearing aids... neither can those around him lol. We would highly recommend!!
Lindsay Greenman
18:24 07 Sep 22
I called my insurance company. They recommended a few places.I ended up going to Happy Ears-here in Mesa ArizonaA quick note—I am a retired telephone man so I know a little bit about audio and audio signals. I had 20+ questions for the audiologist and she was able to answer a lot.I had my hearing test. Come to find out from mid-range up to the high frequencies —-it went straight south.She suggested a Wireless open fit hearing’s aid’s, you know the one that raps behind your ear. Fits well and works well.I have had two fittings/cleaning since then, both appointments with the staff at the Mesa office from the front receptionist to the two different audiologist’s that I worked with.——I would suggest this place every day of the week.All the BestD.H.
Dan Holmgren
19:33 07 Sep 22
What an awesome place! The crystals in my ear had moved and thus vertigo began! Dr. Courtney Sheehan is amazing! She took her time with me. Did detailed testing and really pinpointed my problem! I’m feeling great! 😊😊
Chelsea Finch
14:50 08 Sep 22
My device & phone were having connection problems but Madison Brown was diligent in finding the fix. She spent the time that was needed to finish resetting everything, while smiling through it all. Excellent customer service & great personality!
Baila Torres
23:23 26 Apr 22
I’ve been hard of hearing my whole life. I’m now 53. This company is by far the best service I have ever received. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear and have a cochlear implant in my left. Shanna Dewsnup, AuD, at the Mesa office completely listened to and understood my concerns and fitted me with a new hearing aid and re-mapped my cochlear. I appreciate her compassion and professionalism. The office staff is impeccable also. Friendly and caring. I will be going there for the rest of my days!
Shelly Carter
20:01 21 Sep 22
We used Happy Ears for an evaluation on one of my kiddos. The office was incredibly clean, the front office staff was kind and the audiologist was top notch. 5/5 would recommend and we would use them again in the future if needed.
Ashleigh Castrichini
17:00 03 Nov 22
Dr. Winters is Amazing! She was so kind to my 6-year-old and made the whole experience really fun and enjoyable for her and also me. Acianie at the Front desk is literally the sweetest and everything ran so smoothly. I would definitely recommend taking your child here.
Stephanie Park
14:44 29 Dec 22
First visit to establish care for cochlear implant. Very pleased. Helpful and informed. Shanna very professional. Good to know I have a place should I have issues with the implant
Fiona Monaghan
15:06 24 Dec 22
AWSOME PLACE! This was my 1st visit and couldn't be happier. I felt they were genuinely concerned with my hearing loss. This is not a place you go into, and all they want to do is sell you a hearing aid, they truly care about you and your hearing loss and their goal is to help you hear better.
Bill Strom
16:55 28 Jan 23
I picked up my new hearing aids today and it was quite overwhelming as my hearing was pretty bad. By the time I got home, I was a wreck and emailed Dr Winters. As it was after six, I wasn't expecting to hear from her until the next day. To my surprise and delight, she emailed me back! In my book, that deserves the highest rating I can give. Thanks to her, today is a much better day.
Marie Farahmand
19:12 24 Feb 23
Great people to work with, they made my mom feel comfortable and well taken care of. Thank you for being so professional and kind.
Diana Tunis
18:30 20 Jan 23
My experience was professional, informative, friendly and met all of my needs. The Dr was very prepared. She had all of the information and answers regarding my insurance and was a pleasure to work with.
Dick Thompson
01:52 01 Mar 23
Exceptional care and service! From the checking-in at my initial appointment to receiving my first set of hearing aids, it has been great! Brianna at the front desk is very nice and both Dr. Winters and Dr. Hawkins were great from the tests to getting fitted with my hearing aids. I’d give 10 stars if I could, highly recommended!!
Paul Langi
17:37 05 Apr 23
Andrea Hawkins is very kind. Going into the office for the first time my Mom was very emotional and apprehensive to get started on this journey of wearing hearing aids. I watched as Andrea Hawkins took the time to talk her through everything. Her whole demeanor changed from the beginning of her appointment to the end. It was wonderful to see her leave the office with excitement to receive her devices and a big smile on her face.
Vita Clawson
16:03 13 Apr 23
Happy Ear Hearing Center was amazing and very friendly. I don’t like going to doctors at all, but they made the process simple and comfortable for me. Highly recommend!
21:07 28 Feb 23
Andrea Hawkins is amazing, helped my mother in every aspect of the process.My mother do not know English but Andrea knows to deal with other language patients.Documentation with insurance was so perfect and there are no delays in getting approvals.
Rev. Suresh Kumar Gunti
18:35 09 May 23
Before visiting Happy Ears, I was so apprehensive and embarrassed about my hearing loss. After meeting Dr. Andrea Hawkins, my initial testing and every procedure that followed has been incredible. Dr. Hawkins’s professionalism, calm demeanor, and expertise in the field quickly put me at ease. I am so grateful for Dr. Hawkins and Happy Ears. The office offers a friendly environment as well.
Irma DiDomenico
17:54 10 May 23
First time at an audiologist, it was for my 3 year old. I was worried he was going to be so difficult to work with and wasnt sure how they would work with him to get the testing done. The 2 providers were amazing and so patient! Definitely recommend!
Camille Mcknight
20:43 06 Jun 23
Very nice people on the phone, but my appointment got moved 3 times, was told vertigo/dizziness results take 2 - 3 weeks to get back, and they charge you $375 dollars for the appt regardless of if/if not you have insurance or a copy, despite their paperwork saying otherwise. They issue a refund if insurance actually accepts the charges. I ended up getting in somewhere else very short notice and got my results at the end of the appt so I have no idea what this place is talking about. I dont know if I recommend it for someone who needs dizziness testing just based on the fact it will cost you almost 400 upfront, and you dont even walk away with results.
Victoria Hedlund
18:09 28 Apr 23
First time here with my son and everything went very smoothly. The receptionist was friendly and informative 🙂 we met Dr. Winters and she told us what was going to happen every step of the way. Thank you for providing an excellent experience!
Yena Choi
17:07 27 Jun 23
Absolutely love this office. I have been a patient now for 9 Years. When they opened up this location I was ecstatic. It can be stressful not being able to hear and they have always been there for receiver changes to testing and fitting what works for me and my lifestyle. Appreciate you Happy Ears 👂!!!
Tishan K
18:18 14 Jul 23
Beyond grateful to have found this place! As a musician who uses IEM’s (In Ear Monitors) I have found it difficult to find local audiologists who will work with not only a musician but a kid, it makes no sense! So after calling 4 different places nobody wanted to work with us. THANK YOU HAPPY EARS and Amanda who helped us for being so awesome and making great molds.…you ROCK 🤘
Recker Eans
18:36 18 Jul 23
Awesome experience at Happy Ears Mesa for our family who recently moved to AZ! Briana at Reception provided HUGE amount of assistance with researching potential issues with our daughter's hearing aids and Dr Andrea Hawkins was EXTREMELY helpful in describing the repair procedures and transferring care to this facility! We are happy to know our daughter will be in good hands.
Becky Konoyima Morrow
18:49 26 Jul 23
I adore this office so much that I don't mind going out to it! The docs are patient, kind, and flexible, and the staff are the same. I highly recommend this Happy Ears location, whether it's just for a yearly checkup or for frequent visits!
Doe Daughtrey
20:27 08 Aug 23
Happy Ear was amazing. Front office staff was pleasant and very friendly. The audiologist was very patient and kind and took the time to answer questions and make us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend.
Krystal Schmier
23:16 08 Aug 23
I took my 1.5 year old sensory challenged son for a hearing test here and was completely impressed. He's had many medical exams in the past which left him in tears and nearly traumatized. The audiologist and a student (I'm sorry I didn't catch their names) here were amazing! They were thorough and quick but also took the time to be compassionate and playful so he wouldn't cry. They got him to willingly do the test for ear fluid and most of the one for specific hearing loss in each ear. About halfway through the second test (which I told them we didn't have to do if he wasn't having it) he had had enough and the audiologist could see that and stopped the test. I was really happy to see my son's needs respected. They also seemed to know how to work with him to get his cooperation without me having to explain it, which was a great relief. Would definitely recommend this place to other parents.
Michelle Hand
22:16 14 Aug 23
Happy Ears was a great place to go if you need an audiologist. The staff is caring, on time, efficient yet answers all questions needed, taking any time with you that you need. They were knowledgeable on the latest technology, gave recommendations and truly helped with getting referrals and everything needed for a successful appointment. I’ve been to several audiologists and this was by far the best and most comfortable.
Holly Meyers
14:16 24 Aug 23
This office was so nice, clean and smelled amazing! The front desk staff was so nice and made us feel welcomed. This was our 1st visit to Happy Ears but my son is a long time patient of Dr. Hawkins. We are grateful to continue to see Dr. Hawkins as she is an exemplary Doctor and has provided excellent care to my son over the last 10 plus years. Thank you Happy Ears Hearing Center🙂
Ana Rivera
03:45 26 Sep 23
Wonderful staff and Doctor. They gave me the time I needed to ask questions, theorize solutions and made me feel relaxed and tended to. I wasn't rushed at all, and the rate for patients with no insurance was very reasonable.
00:13 27 Oct 23
Very clean facility and nearly no wait before being seen. Dr. Hawkins was very professional and thorough. Glad I chose Happy Ears over many other choices to be had.
Ric Moore
01:04 03 Nov 23
All the staff are very professional and highly polite! Meeting Diesel (service dog) was a plus! Exams went very smoothly and quick! I recommend this particular office! Thank you guys! Oh, and my son loved the play room!
Chelsea Watkins
21:54 13 Nov 23
Love Happy Ears. Staff and Doctor are really good at what the do. Took the time to address all my concerns. The testing directions were simple and easy to follow. Would recommend this office.
Tom V
12:16 23 Nov 23
I’m extremely happy with service so far. I had several questions because of cochlear implant and wanted information about ReSound hearing aid. Andrea took a lot of time explaining and discussing my options. I highly recommend Happy Ears.
18:52 04 Dec 23
Always happy to work with us. Always on time. Always pleasant and patient with my elderly mom. And Brianna went above and beyond with helping me get my mom rescheduled when she fell and broke her leg last month. Dr. Hawkins also is great. Would highly recommend.
Camille Campbell
18:10 18 Dec 23
Really enjoyed my visit! I went in to get my ears cleaned and impressions done for custom in ear monitors(musician earphones). Front desk staff member and doctor were super nice. I would definitely recommend!
Gerson Sanchez
17:54 22 Dec 23
It was easy to make an appointment. The office staff was friendly and I was able to do most of the paperwork online. Dr. Seaton was caring and understanding. A very good experience. Thanks!
Jesse M.
20:52 09 Jan 24
Everyone has been great at Happy Ears. Their program is proactive with check-ins and keeping me up-to-date. The doctors have always taken the time to explain the what and why of what I’m experiencing, how the devices work and any adjustments we make.
William Clarke
00:03 12 Jan 24
Excellent friendly office. Dr. Natasha was very personable and went the extra mile for my son. He is difficult with ear sensory issues. She was patient, kind and connected with him. Highly recommend.
Cipriano Armijo
16:42 24 Jan 24
Thank you Happy Ears for doing everything jn one visit. The doctor did it all and she was very thorough and answered all my questions ...intake/review, hearing test and fitting. Hands down best experience @ Happy Ears!!
Eli Jimenez
18:21 24 Jan 24
*Best Customer Service from the time I made my appointment with Breanna, the receptionist to my arrival at the location. I didn’t have a wait, the facility was very clean, personal interest was a major plus, Dr Seaton was amazing and very thorough and patient during my hearing screening. She even sent me a handwritten Thank You card, which I greatly appreciated! And guess what else? The first visit is FREE!I highly recommend Happy Ears, Mesa location to everyone 😀
Monique Gordon
01:54 02 Feb 24
Had an overall wonderful experience at the Arbor Avenue location.The facility is spotlessly clean, has ample parking, and is easily accessible. The receptionist was friendly, competent, and made the check-in and check-out processes easy, simple, and straightforward.Dr. Dewsnup is amazing! A skilled professional who made me feel comfortable from the first few seconds we met. (This was my first experience with hearing aids). She demonstrated excellent listening skills, which so often seem to be missing in today's business and medical professional world. She provided me with all the information one could possibly need to make an informed decision about their personal hearing care.At no time did I feel rushed. All my questions were answered in terms that were easy for me to understand, and her technical knowledge of alternatives and methodologies for treating my hearing issues was impressive, to say the least.I would not hesitate to recommend the Happy Ears Hearing Center, and have complete faith that Dr. Dewsnup and her helpful and patient-focused staff will provide me with the support, guidance, and on-going care I need to manage my hearing care.
00:36 06 Feb 24
This is my third audiologist in the past 8 yrs. and I can say Happy Ears (Dr. Dewsnup) was great, as was the front desk (Brianna). I had a very thorough hearing test and evaluation, by far better than my prior ENT office. I look forward to my new hearing devices to make my life "happier"...thanks all!
19:06 12 Feb 24
Great experience here! Convenient location, very clean and organized, and the front desk receptionist (not sure her name) was very nice and helpful. We saw Dr. Seaton and she was so kind and did an extremely thorough exam. I appreciated that she took her time to tell us about the history of Happy Ears and explained everything so well and answered all of our questions. We never felt rushed and I could tell she really cares about what she does. Excellent doctor. Highly recommend!
Tara Shipley
22:59 20 Feb 24
Very disappointed with my last appointment. I spent almost $10,000.00 on hearing aids. Unfortunately, just shy of one year, I lost one and had to pay a deductible of $450 have it replaced. Not a problem, I was thrilled not to pay $4,500.00. However, I was then refused a 30 day adjustment period on the new hearing aid. I was told the cost for a doctor visit to evaluate and adjust would cost me $150 ! It would appear customer service is a thing of the past at Happy Ears hearing center.
Bruce Tinsley
23:49 20 Feb 24
Lost the wax protector for my phonak hearing aid. Technician and receptionist were very helpful and accommodating in helping me. Also helped me with re-pairing aids with my iPhone. Extremely pleased with the service and highly recommend Happy Ears for any hearing aid assistance. Snowbirds from Yukon Canada..well done ladies!!!
Diane Miller
00:49 20 Mar 24
From the minute you walk in, staff is warm and friendly! Hardly any wait time and I was called in to speak with the Audiologist, Shanna Dewsnup. Right from the get go, it was about my hearing and trying to offer options that could save me money, but more than that what could help my situation with loss of hearing. I loved the options, and will be back after consulting with her recommendation for an implant device. Kudos to this office. I had no idea that type of quality service was offered in Mesa!
Robin Bisbing
20:09 21 Mar 24
Happy Ears was great! They got me in and out in a timely fashion and gave me the results that day! I'd recommend Happy Ears to anyone needing a reliable hearing test!
Eve Carroll
21:59 01 Apr 24
I highly recommend Dr. Shanna Dewsnup at Happy Ears. She was very thorough in her explanations and testing, and was able to find the problem with my hearing when 2 other audiologists from other organizations could not. She is very good at at explaining the outcomes of the testing. Given her results, I have learned that my hearing loss is likely damage in my middle ear, which is something that can be resolved with surgery, and has a very high success rate of restoring my hearing. It is called otosclerosis. Even if you have had a previous hearing test, get another opinion from Happy Ears. I am so happy I did.
Remington The Black
18:39 28 Mar 24
The office atmosphere was warm and inviting. The receptionist was very friendly and kept me informed through a very short wait for the doctor. Dr. Dewsnup was very informative and explained everything clearly before, during and after my testing.
Sam Permoda
19:26 12 Apr 24
I was apprehensive about having my hearing checked. Happy Ears made the entire process from testing to getting my aids a breeze. I highly recommend coming to HE if you are having difficulty hearing. I've had my hearing aids for 2 weeks and very t has changed my life
Gary Cannon
16:34 21 May 24
I feel lucky to have found Dr. Dewsnup when I was looking for an audiologist. I appreciate that she and her staff were very welcoming, attentive, and professional. I felt like my concerns were patiently heard and understood and that the testing and facility were state of the art. I’m glad to have found a practice I can look forward to visiting for my audiology care in the future.
Douglas Miller
05:32 29 May 24
I called this morning and spoke with Chelsea, Audiology Assistant. I explained to her that my left Phonak receiver wire was broke. Chelsea advised me to come in that they could repair my hearing aid today. I received prompt and courteous attention. I liked them so much that I made an appt to return in August for a complimentary hearing test. I will be purchasing my next set of hearing aides from Happy Ears Hearing Center. I would highly recommend Happy Ears..
Debbie Cox
18:08 07 Jun 24
This was our first visit to Happy Esrs and we couldn’t be more impressed. The office staff was friendly and helpful from start to finish. Their environment of care, empathy, and understanding truly helped ease us in to this journey.
Amy Houk
19:06 10 Jun 24
My appointment with Chelsea was great. She is so understanding and the entire office staff were great! Beautiful new office too!
Deb Engle
18:47 20 Jun 24
We loved every person we came into contact with today at the Gilbert location. Everyone was kind and patient, and my 3.5 year old son had the best time. He listened to all of the Drs instructions and wasn’t afraid at all because of how wonderful they were communicating with him. I’m so grateful we went here to have his hearing checked.
mckenna allen
01:26 02 Jul 24