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Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to offer the widest range of Audiology services you will find in Surprise, AZ. We’re not only experts in the latest hearing aid devices, we provide treatment for tinnitus, cochlear implants, and bone anchored hearing aids.

We love helping our patients have happier hearing. When you step into our office in Surprise, you will feel the difference.

Stop by and see us at our Surprise Hearing Center. We are looking forward to adding you and/or your loved one as a part of that family. Our Audiologists are experts in all of the latest hearing technology and have studied for many years to provide the highest quality Audiology services in hearing healthcare.

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Happy Ears Hearing Center – Surprise, AZ

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Dr. Matthew Wetmore, Au.D.

Dr. Matthew Wetmore earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Illinois State University as a special Education major, specializing in Deaf Education. After working in Deaf Education, he decided to pursue his education further to obtain his doctorate degree in Audiology.

Upon completing his undergraduate coursework, Dr. Wetmore taught for two years as an itinerant teacher of the deaf where he worked with children of various ages with hearing loss.  He then decided to pursue his passion of becoming an audiologist at Illinois State University.  Matthew was an active member of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) devoting two years as the Chair of Community Outreach in his local chapter.

Hearing Services – Surprise, Arizona

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations are different than hearing screenings. When you come to our Surprise Hearing Center, we will go through your hearing history and ask detailed questions about your medical history as well as your lifestyle. We will use a lighted video otoscope to inspect your ears for abnormalities and also check for cerumen or wax blockage. Our video otoscope allows us to show you what we see when we are looking in your ear canal. Our Audiologists will perform a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation in a soundproof booth to determine not only the shape of your hearing loss but the type of hearing loss you have, which is incredibly important in determining your treatment options.

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Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations are performed in our Peoria, Surprise, and Mesa, Arizona Locations. The ability to hear is an extremely important part of a child’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. even the mildest hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to learn to speak or understand language. A diagnostic hearing test may be recommended by your pediatrician or your child’s school for the following reasons:

  • They refer to a hearing screening, whether at birth, through school, or at the pediatrician’s office
  • They have a history of frequent ear infections
  • They have a diagnosed or suspected speech and language delay

Happy Ears Hearing Center tests newborns through adults. Testing for children is done in a playful environment and most of the time, the child does not even know they are having their hearing tested.

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations can be combined with hearing evaluations, but may also be separate consultations if you have had your hearing tested elsewhere. A hearing aid evaluation allows us to look at your hearing loss and type of hearing loss and determine if hearing aids, bone anchored hearing devices, or a cochlear implant would best suit your hearing needs.

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Hearing Aids

Happy Ears Hearing Center works with multiple hearing aid manufacturers including Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, Signia, Unitron, Hansaton, ReSound, Rexton, and Sonic Innovations. Having affiliations with multiple manufacturers allows us to treat all types of hearing loss in all price points. Pricing and technology are variable between manufacturers, which allows Happy Ears Hearing Center to treat everyone’s hearing loss and find something that works with their individual budget.

Hearing Aid Repair

Since we work with all of the top manufacturers we carry most hearing aid parts. If we are unable to repair your hearing aid, it’s likely that we can facilitate a warranty exchange. Typically, most hearing aid repair can be done while you wait.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Bone anchored hearing aids are for individuals who may not benefit from traditional hearing aids. Bone-anchored hearing aids send the sound signal through the bone by bypassing the middle ear. Bone-anchored hearing aids work for individuals with single-sided deafness, individuals with middle ear trauma, or those born without an outer ear.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations

Cochlear implant evaluations are a lot like traditional hearing evaluations, however, more extensive testing is done. Hearing testing includes audiometry, testing in background noise, and aided testing (meaning that hearing aids are worn during the test). These test results allow us to determine if hearing aids are truly benefiting the patient, or if they no longer amplifying enough to hear speech clearly. If you suspect hearing aids are no longer working for you, a cochlear implant evaluation may be the next step.

Cochlear Implant Mapping

Happy Ears Hearing Center offers cochlear implant mapping services at all of our locations. Cochlear implant mapping occurs when we re-program the cochlear implant processor. Much like having hearing aids adjusted, cochlear implants need to be adjusted due to changes in the auditory system. Our audiologists currently map Advanced Bionics and Cochlear products.

Wax Removal

Many individuals experience cerumen (wax) buildup in their ears. Cerumen protects the ears, however, when built up, it can affect your hearing. If your ears produce too much wax, it can create a wax plug that can also impair your ability to hear. For help with cerumen/wax buildup, contact any of our Happy Ears Hearing Center locations. Our audiologists are highly trained in cerumen management and will safely remove any wax plugging your ears.

Tinnitus Treatment

Many people suffer from ringing in the ears. Some people also describe tinnitus as crickets, the ocean, buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds. If you have any of these symptoms, you are experiencing tinnitus. Tinnitus is described as an awareness of sound that is not caused by an external noise. Tinnitus can trigger anxiety and depression and can affect relationships, employment, and regular everyday activities. Many people notice tinnitus more when the environment around them is quiet. If you experience tinnitus or feel that it is creating a negative effect on your life, call our Surprise location and our audiologists will evaluate your tinnitus and explain the treatment options available. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are various treatment options that do help reduce the symptoms.

I had the best experience ever with Happy Ears. From the time I walked in the door and met the receptionist, Janalene to the appointment with Dawn the audiologist, I felt welcome and comfortable. They both took the time to answer all my questions and Dawn explained everything and showed me all the things I needed to know about my hearing, the testing and the complete care of my hearing aids. They also handled all my insurance billing. I had my new hearing aids in a matter of days and I am so impressed with them. They are just perfect. I feel like I am hearing better than I ever have. It has totally changed my life for the better. Thank you so much Dawn and Janalene. As you can tell I would highly recommend anyone going to Happy Ears.
Judy Davis
03:04 08 Mar 18
I went to Happy Ears in Surprise to see about getting my hearing evaluated and then, if needed, hearing aids. I was assisted by Levi and he answered all my questions and concerns in a friendly, professional way. He clearly explained the process from start to finish and I was very satisfied with the result. I can now hear what I have been missing and it's great.
Robert Prow
01:47 15 Dec 17
The staff were amazing. My daughter was treated extremely well and she actually really enjoyed her screening.I had a difficult time (with custody/decision making) and the staff helped me resolved it very professionally without any fuss.Received multiple calls later just checking on my daughter and her ENT appointment. Very personable. I can't give enough stars to Happy Ears.
Todd Austin
02:53 23 Nov 17
Super nice and efficient! Completely exceeded my expectations. This office is 20 miles out of my way yet completely worth the drive. Also, a state of the art facility. Thank you!
Jackie D
22:36 17 Jan 18
I entered the Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise with a significant hearing loss problem that I had been delaying treatment for for many years. I am really pleased to share that with the professional assistance (and patience) of Levi Young I was tested and ultimately fitted with hearing devices that have brought my hearing back to a level that hasimmeasurably improved my sound and speech reception and comprehension. I highly recommend Happy Ears and Levi Young.
Gary Brown
01:19 20 Nov 17
Sometimes you do not want to admit that you are getting older and that you need to improve your hearing! I was not sure where to go or which hearing aids to get. I had a friend suggest Happy Ears. I am pleased that I went. Dr. Matt Wetmore is a doctor of audiology in Surprise and he knows what he is doing. He is so patient. I have been going back every week. He will work until it is right. The hearing aids may cost more but it depends what you choose but the services is fabulous and to me that is what is important. How many have bought hearing aids at other places only to give up on wearing them!! I am very pleased with the Happy Ears Hearing Center.
Georgeann Garritano
23:32 09 Jun 19
Very thorough exam and consultation!
Dr. Richard J Shannon
02:00 10 Nov 19
Dawn is simply amazing!!!! She did an overly fantastic job with my special needs soon! I tell everyone about this establishment! The best!
Aubrey Brooks
14:11 09 Jan 19
Wonderful practice, great staff and the doctor couldn't be any better. She took the time to answer my questions and made me feel comfortable with our treatment plan. Thanks again Dr. Shanna!
brad tuffs
14:46 19 Dec 19
We began our relationship with happy ears in early 2019. I have great respect for Dr. Matt, his opinion and assessment of Dad’s hearing. We have found the staff to be very pleasant. Be advised there has been a policy change that they did NOT post on their counter, did NOT email to their clients and at check-out she did not announce the amount of the charge which has historically been $25 for a clean/check of the hearing aids and ears. I was chatting with the receptionist at check out and did NOT look at my receipt because it is a $25 clean / check. When my father’s credit card bill arrived, I was shocked to find a charge for $100 for the clean / check. When I contacted Happy Ears, I was notified that the owner would not adjust the bill to $25 because a doctor performed the clean / check. Due to a recent policy change it is $100 if the doctor performs the service and $25 if someone else in the office performs the service. I was not advised of this change. When I set the appointment, I asked for the clean/check and did not specifically request Dr. Matt but was scheduled with him. I am upset that the bill will not be adjusted even in light of the issue that they stated it was a new policy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have had a very positive experience with this Happy Ears location and will continue to use their services but I will be much more inquisitive about fees before and after any visit.
jennifer parks
17:30 05 Jan 20
Amazing staff thank you
Steve Yohn
01:11 30 Jan 20
Dr. Wetmore was extremely thorough on his testing of my hearingand very clear in his explanation of his findings. Although hearingaids are not helpful for my tinnitus at this time, I will certainly return to see Dr. Wetmore should my hearing worsen and I would require hearing aids. Thank you so much and very highly recommended!!!
Mike Shelton
18:55 03 Feb 20
On Thursday March 5 2020, I went to Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise AZ. because my hearing aids had a problem. My experience with Happy Ears Hearing on the phone and at their office was outstanding and very professional. Because of the wonderful treatment I experienced, I will become a new customer and recommend Happy Ears Hearing Center to my Friends and Family. Tom E
Tom Easton
19:18 11 Mar 20
Very friendly and professional staff. Made sure everything was good with my hearing. Would recommend to anyone!
00:28 15 Mar 20
Highly recommend! Dr. Matthew Wetmore is excellent . I was impressed with his review & analysis of my hearing situation/needs. He explained the options thoroughly and implemented his recommended solution effortlessly. He knows his Phonak products (my hearing aid brand). Service is pricey but in line with the industry. Office had good COVID-19 hygiene practices. Both, Dr. Wetmore, and Jenna, the lady in the front, are very pleasant to deal with. Well done!
Linda and Ruzbeh Dastoor
18:18 24 Jun 20
The office receptionist was very welcoming no a long wait at all. The Dr also very nice explained everything in. Great detail as to why the hearing loss. Even helped with what would be the less cost but with efficiency on the hearing aids. Awesome office.
Irma Camacho
13:24 28 May 20
Very efficient and thorough in testing, explaining and meeting my personal needs. Front office also exceptional! Very satisfied with my visit.
Billy Garrett
18:54 29 May 20
We had a fantastic experience! Dr. Wetmore was amazing with our 2 year old, and was wonderful about explaining everything to us. I highly recommend them!
Paige Cisar
19:17 22 May 20
Very satisfied.Never had an exam and things explained like this. Went here because of several friends going and recommending them.Recommendations were all confirmed.From the staff to the audiologist to the products I received, zero issues.They were even knowledgeable about my insurance and handled all that with nothing needed from me.I'd highly recommend them.
Jim Branton
21:54 13 Jul 20
We had a Great experience with the staff and Dr. Having two children with bilateral hearing loss we have gone through the hearing aid fit and purchase four times now. I can tell you Dr. Wetmore went over and above anything else we have ever experienced. The audiologist truly makes a difference with children, could not be more pleased.
15:11 22 Jul 20
Dr. Wetmore and office staff are exceptional!!! They work together to make sure all our questions are answered and help with insurance issues. Dr. Wetmore is professional, friendly and dedicated to his cochlear implant clients. Thank you for continuing to serve the hearing impaired population during these challenging times. 🙂👍
01:30 09 Aug 20
Went to see the Audiologist about a new BAHA processor for our daughter. We met with a very knowledgeable Audiologist and started the process for getting the device.
Mark Woolworth
22:11 01 Oct 20
I cannot be more grateful to have found Happy Ears to get my Mom's hearing tested. The receptionist, Jenna, was extremely friendly and helpful.Dr. Wetmore, was great too. He explained everything he was going to be doing, what my Mom would be hearing, cleaned the wax from her ears and fitted her with much needed hearing aides. It is pretty special when you can witness the face of a person who hasn't heard well for years, hear clearly again! Thank you for making that happen, at Happy Ears in Surprise, Arizona!
Marilyn Belieu
01:19 11 Oct 20
Great service. Patient, explaining everything as hes went along. Highly recommend them
Larry Penny
19:09 22 Oct 20
Dr Wetmore was amazing. Very patient with my 18 month old during his appointment and very knowledgeable. Explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions and concerns regarding testing and results. I highly recommend Dr Wetmore and Happy Ears!
Jacque Stella
19:41 28 Oct 20
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr Wetmore is always professional and informative. I intend on only going to Happy Ears for my appointments and adjustments.
William Hill
23:49 18 Dec 20
The doctor at the Surprise Happy Ears is great. He really listens and acts like he truly cares. He is extremely thorough. I will never go any place else for my hearing needs. I highly recommend
Sharon Collins
18:05 06 Jan 21
Very thorough exam!! Dr Wetmore was great. Would highly recommend this clinic.
Alice Gardner
18:49 02 Mar 21
I brought by 9 year old son in. It was a very quick process, everyone was super nice, and worked really well with kids. Would definitely recommend!
Brittany Cardon
20:27 03 Mar 21
They were able to make my son feel comfortable enough to complete the entire hearing test. This was our 3rd attempt at a hearing test. Would definitely go back and recommend them. Everyone was very friendly and explained everything they would be doing.
Kate Cvetkovich
17:38 03 Apr 21
I was so nervous about my 3 year olds hearing test because she does not cooperate easy for this kind of thing. But the doctor was patient and great and it went very smoothly!!
Love W
06:53 14 Apr 21
The staff and the doctor were all fantastic. Very thorough testing and very knowledgeable about hearing equipment.
T Burr
01:26 04 May 21
Amazing environment! My daughter had a blast with the facility and very welcoming
Larry Covington
16:49 09 Jul 21