Invisible Hearing Aids Without Batteries, Yes, there really is such a thing

Lyric Hearing Aids at Happy Ears Hearing Center

Lyric® Hearing Aids are a hassle-free, 100% invisible hearing solution. Lyric hearing aids are like contact lenses for the ear. Lyric devices can be worn 24/7 for two months at a time. They are placed very close to the eardrum and are worn all day every day. They can be worn in the shower, while exercising, while sleeping, and while awake. Most individuals who wear Lyric are scheduled for follow-up appointments every two months to remove the device and replace it with a new one.

Lyric can, in fact, be programmed by your audiologist, so it is tailored for your loss. It works great for mild to moderate hearing loss. Lyric is placed deep in the canal and uses the natural acoustic properties of the ear to filter sound. This works similar to someone with normal hearing.

Most individuals using Lyric hearing aids love the way they sound, and they love the hassle-free features that go with them. Lyric is also a great device for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia due to the fact that the audiologist fits them in the ear canal and they don’t come out till they are replaced.

Lyric can be a completely life-changing device. Individuals who have previously worn hearing aids love not having to worry about maintenance, cleaning, and storage of the devices. They are impossible to lose. When you wear aids 24/7, it is just one less thing you have to think about.