Looking For Hearing Aid Repair?

Happy Ears Hearing Center offers hearing aid repairs for all of the top hearing aid manufacturers. We will repair your hearing aids, regardless if you purchased them with our office or not. If you are experiencing difficulty with your current hearing technology, Happy Ears Hearing Center can help.

How Can We Help?

One of our hearing professionals or technicians can provide in-office repairs, or if necessary, we can send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for more involved repairs that we are unable to remedy in our office. 

Hearing Aid Warranty Repair

Many hearing aids come with warranties that cover loss, damage, and repairs. If your hearing aids are no longer covered under a warranty, the cost for repairs generally ranges between $125 and $250, depending on the manufacturer. If your hearing aid requires a simple repair, the costs are usually very minimal.

Generally, hearing aids can be repaired at the same time you stop by our clinic unless it requires a more involved repair. The turn-around service for hearing aids is usually 4-7 days. 

If you feel your hearing aids are not performing the way they should; contact us at the hearing center nearest you and we will check your hearing aids, fix them, or if necessary send them in for repair. 

Hearing Aid Repair