Audiologists vs. DispensersFinding the appropriate hearing aid can be a daunting process. An appropriately selected hearing aid is critical for an individual with hearing loss. Recent studies have shown that approximately 60% of individuals who purchase hearing aids are not fit appropriately. This means that in many situations, the hearing device sold to the individual is not even loud enough to amplify sound at particular frequencies, so that person can perceive speech more clearly; or the device is not programmed properly for that person’s hearing loss. The end result is not a good one. Usually it ends with new hearing devices and no perceived benefit. Most people in this situation end up very frustrated and give up on using hearing aids.

There are many hearing aid stores in the area, but not all professionals fitting hearing aids have education in hearing loss. An important distinction to understand when treating your hearing loss is the difference between an Audiologist (Au.D),  and a hearing instrument specialist (BC-HIS), also known as a dispenser/salesman.

Make the right decision by choosing a doctorate level Audiologist

An Audiologist is a degreed professional who is extensively trained at the doctorate level (8 years of education) in the science of hearing, anatomy and physiology of the human auditory system, hearing aid amplification, technology, and programming. Hearing Instrument Specialists (dispensers/salesman) apply for a license after meeting some very basic requirements. Some Hearing Instrument Specialists dance around questions by telling people they are the same thing as audiologists, or have the same certifications, but this is not true. The only educational requirement to be licensed as a hearing instrument specialist is a high school diploma. Many of these individuals have no background or experience in hearing loss and are sales driven. 

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Don’t settle on just getting by. There is hope for better hearing.

At Happy Ears Hearing Center, we only employ Doctors of Audiology. We are patient focused, NOT sales focused. We work with our patients to guarantee they make the proper decisions based on their individual needs. Different people have different hearing needs. Not all individuals need the most expensive hearing aids. We work with all of the reputable hearing aid manufacturers to find the best solution in the best price range for our patients individual needs. Happy Ears Hearing Center has a live demonstration room to allow patients to test out hearing devices in noisy environments right in our office. We also offer no obligation trial hearing devices for individuals who want to test hearing products before purchasing them. This also allows patients to try hearing devices in their own everyday situations for up to a month at a time.

Call now to schedule a free consultation with one of our audiologists to discuss the benefits of newer hearing technology.