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Audiology, Hearing Aids & Tinnitus Center
Scottsdale, Arizona

At our Scottsdale, AZ Hearing Center, we love helping our patients have happier hearing.

Work with one of our wonderful audiologists to learn about the variety of hearing aid options and treatment options available for better hearing. Our audiologists provide treatment for tinnitus. We also work with a variety of hearing devices including cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing aids, and traditional hearing aids.

Our Audiologists stay up to date on all of the latest hearing technologies and have studied for many years to provide the highest quality Audiology services in the Scottsdale area.


iconHearing Services

  • iconHearing Tests
  • iconPediatric Hearing Tests
  • iconHearing Aid Evaluations
  • iconHearing Aids
  • iconHearing Aid Repair
  • iconBone Anchored Hearing Aids
  • iconCochlear Implant Evaluations
  • iconCochlear Implant Mapping
  • iconWax Removal
  • iconTinnitus treatment

Happy Ears Hearing Center
Mesa, Arizona

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