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Eustachian Tubes: How They Function and Common Issues

anatomy of the ear and inner ear

The nasopharynx is the area in the back of the nasal passages that extends down into the throat. The ears are connected to the nasopharynx through the pharyngotympanic tubes. The scientific name for these tubes describes where they are found in the body, between the pharynx, or the throat, and the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. […]

How Hearing Aids Work

You may have heard a lot about hearing aids (pun intended!) but aren’t quite sure how they work. That’s understandable, especially since the various types of hearing aids can operate differently. At the most basic level, a hearing aid uses a microphone, amplifier and speaker to help its wearer hear better. A microphone collects sounds […]

When Do You Need To Get a Hearing Test?

Your hearing is precious, easy to damage and difficult to fix. However, many people never schedule hearing tests to ensure that their ears are working as well as they can. Doctors recommend annual check-ups and dentists suggest an exam and cleaning twice a year. However, most people don’t bother seeing a doctor about their hearing […]