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why choose happy ears?

Happy Ears Hearing Center is one of the most trusted audiology practices in the greater Phoenix area. We are one of the only offices in the valley that follows Best Practices when it comes to treating hearing loss and make sure that all patients receive accurate hearing aid fittings. We use real-ear verification measures as well as patient outcome questionnaires. We test every patient’s ability to hear not only in a quiet booth but also in background noise. Hearing aids are not the only option for better hearing. Sometimes, hearing aids are not enough and an individual may require an implant to hear better.

Dr. Dewsnup is very particular about the Audiologists who she brings into her practice. Having a child with significant hearing loss, she knows the importance of accurate treatment and expects high-level care. She only hires the best-of-the-best who are doctorate-level clinicians and who value patient care. Our audiologists are highly experienced in working with patients who have all types of hearing loss, especially complex cases. We do not employ any hearing instrument specialists or dispensers (aka salesmen) because we want to make sure patients are receiving accurate treatment and not just being “sold” devices.

At Happy Ears Hearing Center we believe that all individuals should have access to high-quality and personalized hearing healthcare, which is why we are highly recommended by many physicians throughout the valley. Happy Ears Hearing Center was founded with the sole purpose of making sure patients are receiving accurate and honest treatment. We treat all types of hearing loss and work with some of the top surgeons in the valley for cochlear implantation. We work with multiple hearing aid brands and all three cochlear implant companies to ensure that patients are receiving the devices that are most appropriate for their hearing loss. We also work with various hearing foundations to help individuals who cannot afford hearing aids receive devices to improve their quality of life.

At Happy Ears Hearing Center, we know how important your hearing is to your life and your relationships. That is why our audiologists pride themselves on being experts on the latest hearing technology. We take pride in educating you and your family about hearing healthcare, options of treatment for your lifestyle and hearing expectations, and we make appropriate referrals as needed. We are constantly striving to set the highest standards for quality hearing healthcare in Arizona.

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