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How Would You Like ToLive The Rest of your Life?

Most would answer that they want to live a happy and fulfilling life. We receive so many comments from our patients saying that they almost didn’t schedule a consultation and how much of life they would have missed out on if they hadn’t made such an important decision. It’s easier than you think. One appointment could be the difference between missing out on the most important aspects of life and having the ability to make the rest of your life the best of your life!It’s time to live happy!

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It’s that Your Brain Has Trouble Translating The Sounds


Jan S.After being deaf in my right ear for over 20 years, it is wonderful to be able to use the cros hearing aid to help me have the sensation of hearing again. My balance has improved and the tinnitus has reduced by half! The staff at Happy Ears Hearing center is great and extremely knowledgeable.

Manuela C.Got hearing problems? Let Shanna help you!!! I have SSHL, single-sided hearing loss, and Shanna was able to fit me with just the right device to help me. She and her entire staff are professional, kind and friendly people who will not give up until you’re satisfied. Love them all!!

Doug M.I had a very happy day when I met Dr. Dewsnup at a grocery store in Peoria. I have been to her place of business several times to have my hearing aids cleaned up or to have my hearing testing done. I am always treated with such great service. Everyone in the office goes out of their way to meet my needs. They are more than professional doctors of audiology, they are exceptionally fine people. I am so happy I met Dr. Dewsnup and her staff.

Samantha A.Dr. Dewsnup has been awesome to work with. Finding out Halyiah was having hearing issues was news to me and Dr. Dewsnup was very reassuring that she could help and understood herself, having a child who needed hearing aids. Halyiah has become very comfortable coming into the office and looks forward to our visits. I highly recommend Dr. Dewsnup and as an added bonus the office staff has always been wonderful to work with!     “I love Dr. Dewsnup!” ~ Halyiah

Welcome to Happy Ears Hearing Center

Congratulations on taking the first step to an improved life by visiting this page. Our patients comment on how challenging it was to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, but how very glad they are that they did because the process of improving their hearing situation was much easier than they ever imagined.

I am so excited to welcome you to a new world of happy hearing solutions. Years ago, hearing devices only amplified sounds but today’s incredible technology is so powerful that is works with your brain to translate sounds.

These incredible technology breakthroughs solve the frustrations experienced by people living with hearing loss that struggle in conversations, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Never before in our lifetime have we seen advancements like this.

I see how hearing loss can damage the most important relationships in life and this advancement greatly helps solve the deepest frustrations that our patients experience. Now you can experience all the meaningful sounds of life, instead of missing out on important moments like with your children, grandchildren, friends, and family. Our patients constantly comment on how this has changed their life, we want yours to be the next success story.

I hope to see you name on the schedule and for the next happy ears to be yours.

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