Oticon Medical Ponto

If you are struggling with hearing loss or impaired hearing, the Oticon Medical Ponto System can help. The Oticon Medical Ponto offers bone-anchored hearing aids that amplify the sounds around you and enhance your quality of life.

The Oticon Medical Ponto System is designed to address the everyday challenges you face with a loss of hearing – from understanding conversations in crowded situations to coping with outdoor wind noise. In addition, the powerful Ponto Plus family gives you access to the widest range of wireless communication options – without ever compromising on power or sound quality. With a bone conduction system, the ear canal is kept completely open. This may be more comfortable and less problematic if you suffer from ear infections and irritation. If you are deaf on one side, a bone conduction hearing system can pick up sounds coming from that side and transfer them to your good ear. This makes you more aware of what is happening on that side and can help with difficult situations, such as understanding speech even in noisy environments.

Oticon Medical Ponto Hearing Device Sun CIty West, AZ

Bone Anchored Implant Procedure

The surgical procedure to have a bone anchored implant placed is safe and simple. It doesn’t take very long, and there is no risk of damage to your ear or your hearing. More than 150,000 people worldwide have already had the surgery. But if you change your mind at any point, the procedure is reversible and the implant and abutment can be removed. Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to partner with one of the top Otolaryngologists in Arizona to provide bone anchored hearing devices and services to the entire West Valley.

A bone-anchored hearing device is a type of hearing aid that transmits sound vibrations through the skull bone and directly into the inner ear. To achieve this, internal components that are made from titanium are surgically placed to bond to the skull bone. 

Bone-anchored hearing aids differ from traditional hearing aids in several ways. Bone-anchored hearing devices bypass the middle ear and send vibrations through the bone. These vibrations go straight to the cochlea and transmit sound. 

With bone anchored hearing devices, it is bone conduction of sound that resolves the hearing impairment. In contrast, traditional hearing aids work by amplifying sound that enters the ear canal. This means that bone-anchored hearing devices rely on a fully functioning cochlea to work.

How the Oticon Medical Ponto System Works

During an Oticon Medical procedure, a small implant is placed in the skull, just behind the ear. A sound processor is then attached to an abutment — or connector — on the implant. The connector penetrates the skin in order to stay in place. 

This surgical process is very simple and can be completed in about two hours. Local anesthetic is used, meaning you are awake during the procedure but should not feel anything.

Bone anchored hearing aids like the Oticon Medical Ponto System use a sound processor to pick up sounds and convert them into vibrations. These vibrations pass through the implant and vibrate the surrounding bone. 

This creates sound waves in the inner ear that stimulate the hairs and cause the auditory nerve to fire. The result is amplified sound for those with hearing impairment.

The Oticon Medical Ponto System offers a variety of benefits, including improved sound quality and reduced feedback. With this system, individuals with hearing impairment are able to converse freely without struggling to hear those around them or distinguish words and sounds.

Who Are Likely Candidates for the Oticon Medical Ponto?

Oticon Medical hearing aids can be used to treat a variety of hearing loss types. This includes conductive hearing loss, single-sided deafness, and mixed hearing loss. Additionally, these hearing implants are suitable for both children and adults, depending on the type and severity of their hearing loss.

Taking Care of Your Oticon Medical Ponto

After having Oticon Medical Ponto implants placed, it is important that you take proper care of them to enjoy the best results. Your implants and the surrounding area must be cleaned regularly with alcohol wipes. This keeps your Ponto System free of bacteria.

Your Oticon Medical Ponto System will need to be serviced at specific intervals to maintain the highest level of functioning. An audiologist can troubleshoot and fix any issues you may encounter with your new hearing aids. They can also perform thorough cleanings and change the batteries within your device. 

The Doctors of Audiology at Happy Ears Hearing Center can place your implants and provide regular service to ensure you get the most out of your bone-anchored hearing implants. Contact us today to schedule a hearing aid consultation.