Tinnitus can make it very hard to sleep and concentrate. It can also make individuals reel frustrated and depressed. Although there is not a cure for tinnitus, treatment is available to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and provide relief.

Medical Management

Tinnitus is usually a symptom of another condition. In order to determine what is causing the tinnitus, a physical examination is typically recommended. Hearing testing is always recommended. This checks the individuals ability to hear tones at different frequencies to determine if a hearing loss is the root cause for the tinnitus. In certain situations, a MRI may be ordered to rule out any other factors that may be affecting the nerve function in the ear.

Tinnitus Treatment

  • Hearing Aids – Many people with tinnitus also have undiagnosed hearing loss, or they just choose not to treat the hearing loss. What most people don’t understand is that hearing aids, especially devices with tinnitus maskers are the best treatment option to reduce tinnitus symptoms and provide relief. Hearing aids do this by bringing more sound in to stimulate the nerve in places where the damage has occurred. By stimulating the nerve, the sound source helps to mask out the unwanted active hair cells that are creating a perception of sound that nobody else hears.
  • Relaxation Techniques – Tinnitus can be stressful and cause anxiety. Being focused on the tinnitus can also make tinnitus more noticeable. Learning techniques to increase relaxation can help with the frustrations of tinnitus. Relaxation sounds can also take someone’s focus off of the ringing.
  • Sound Generators- Hearing aids are sound generators and also have sound generators built into them, specifically for tinnitus masking. Other sound generators may include sound machines that produce rain sounds, ocean sounds, or white noise. Tinnitus pillows are also available to purchase online and help to relieve tinnitus at night when it’s quiet by providing sound generator noise through the pillow.
  • Counseling- Mental wellness therapies are also useful when someone has debilitating tinnitus. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is great to learn how to pay less attention to the tinnitus.

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