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Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to offer the widest range of Audiology services you will find in Surprise, AZ. We’re not only experts in the latest hearing aid devices, we also provide treatment for tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing loss. We love helping our patients in Surprise, Sun City West, and surrounding areas have happier hearing. When you step into our office you will feel the difference. Stop by and see us at our Surprise Hearing Center. We are looking forward to adding you and/or your loved one as a part of that family. Our Audiologists are experts in all of the latest hearing technology and have studied for many years to provide the highest quality Audiology services in hearing healthcare.

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Happy Ears Hearing Center – Surprise, AZ

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Phone: (623) 227-1924
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Closed 12 pm - 1 pm for lunch

Surrounding Cities Serviced in Our Surprise, AZ Location:

Sun City West

Dr. Matthew Wetmore, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Matthew Wetmore earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Illinois State University as a special Education major, specializing in Deaf Education. After working in Deaf Education, he decided to pursue his education further to obtain his doctorate degree in Audiology.Upon completing his undergraduate coursework, Dr. Wetmore taught for two years as an itinerant teacher of the deaf where he worked with children of various ages with hearing loss.  He then decided to pursue his passion of becoming an audiologist at Illinois State University.  Matthew was an active member of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) devoting two years as the Chair of Community Outreach in his local chapter.

Rylee Ellett – Audiology Resident

Rylee Ellett is a Doctor of Audiology resident completing the final year of her degree at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in pre-audiology with a minor in Speech and Language Pathology from Ball State University in 2021.

Rylee has had experience across all areas of audiology specializing in Cochlear implants, hearing aid fittings, and vestibular diagnostics and treatment. She is passionate about enhancing lives through hearing technologies, supporting families, and helping patients to feel confident in their hearing decisions. 

Sarah – Audiology Assistant

Sarah is our amazing Audiology Assistant at the Surprise location. She loves meeting new patients and providing amazing patient care. You will always be greeted with a smile and a positive attitude. Sarah loves to help make a difference in our patient’s lives. Patients always leave with Happy Ears.

Mary – Patient Care Coordinator

Mary is our amazing patient care coordinator at the Surprise location. With a background working in an audiology practice, she is always eager to jump in and assist with our patients’ needs. She is a people person who values excellent patient care and won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for others. She finds joy in helping patients leave with happy ears.

Hearing Services – Surprise, Arizona

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations are different than hearing screenings. When you come to our Surprise Hearing Center, we will go through your hearing history and ask detailed questions about your medical history as well as your lifestyle. We will use a lighted video otoscope to inspect your ears for abnormalities and also check for cerumen or wax blockage. Our video otoscope allows us to show you what we see when we are looking in your ear canal. Our Audiologists will perform a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation in a soundproof booth to determine not only the shape of your hearing loss but the type of hearing loss you have, which is incredibly important in determining your treatment options. Learn More >>

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations are performed in our Peoria, Surprise, and Mesa, Arizona Locations. The ability to hear is an extremely important part of a child’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. even the mildest hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to learn to speak or understand language. A diagnostic hearing test may be recommended by your pediatrician or your child’s school for the following reasons:

  • They refer to a hearing screening, whether at birth, through school, or at the pediatrician’s office
  • They have a history of frequent ear infections
  • They have a diagnosed or suspected speech and language delay

Happy Ears Hearing Center tests newborns through adults. Testing for children is done in a playful environment and most of the time, the child does not even know they are having their hearing tested. Learn More >>

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations can be combined with hearing evaluations, but may also be separate consultations if you have had your hearing tested elsewhere. A hearing aid evaluation allows us to look at your hearing loss and type of hearing loss and determine if hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing devices, or a cochlear implant would best suit your hearing needs. Learn More >>

Hearing Aids

Happy Ears Hearing Center works with multiple hearing aid manufacturers including Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, Signia, Unitron, Hansaton, ReSound, Rexton, and Sonic Innovations. Having affiliations with multiple manufacturers allows us to treat all types of hearing loss in all price points. Pricing and technology are variable between manufacturers, which allows Happy Ears Hearing Center to treat everyone’s hearing loss and find something that works with their individual budget.

Hearing Aid Repair

Since we work with all of the top manufacturers we carry most hearing aid parts. If we are unable to repair your hearing aid, it’s likely that we can facilitate a warranty exchange. Typically, most hearing aid repair can be done while you wait.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Bone anchored hearing aids are for individuals who may not benefit from traditional hearing aids. Bone-anchored hearing aids send the sound signal through the bone by bypassing the middle ear. Bone-anchored hearing aids work for individuals with single-sided deafness, individuals with middle ear trauma, or those born without an outer ear.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations

Cochlear implant evaluations are a lot like traditional hearing evaluations, however, more extensive testing is done. Hearing testing includes audiometry, testing in background noise, and aided testing (meaning that hearing aids are worn during the test). These test results allow us to determine if hearing aids are truly benefiting the patient, or if they no longer amplifying enough to hear speech clearly. If you suspect hearing aids are no longer working for you, a cochlear implant evaluation may be the next step.

Cochlear Implant Mapping

Happy Ears Hearing Center offers cochlear implant mapping services at all of our locations. Cochlear implant mapping occurs when we re-program the cochlear implant processor. Much like having hearing aids adjusted, cochlear implants need to be adjusted due to changes in the auditory system. Our audiologists currently map Advanced Bionics and Cochlear products.

Wax Removal

Many individuals experience cerumen (wax) buildup in their ears. Cerumen protects the ears, however, when built up, it can affect your hearing. If your ears produce too much wax, it can create a wax plug that can also impair your ability to hear. For help with cerumen/wax buildup, contact any of our Happy Ears Hearing Center locations. Our audiologists are highly trained in cerumen management and will safely remove any wax plugging your ears.

Tinnitus Specialist in Surprise, AZ

If you’ve suddenly experienced an onset of ringing, hissing, or buzzing sounds in your ears, the odds are, you’re dealing with tinnitus.Though a common condition, tinnitus is surprisingly complex. Effective treatment and management requires working with a professional who can help you identify the root causes of your condition.

Understanding Tinnitus

Tinnitus is related to issues with the auditory system and is most often associated with hearing loss. There are a variety of factors that can trigger the onset of tinnitus, including:

  • Certain medications
  • Loud noises
  • Extreme stress levels

This condition is essentially an alarm bell signaling that something is wrong and requires attention.Learn More About Tinnitus

Starting Tinnitus Treatment

Your first step toward effective tinnitus treatment begins with meeting with a specialist. At Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise, AZ, our audiologists use a variety of diagnostic tools to uncover the cause of your tinnitus.Our professional approach is personalized; since everyone’s condition is different, we tailor our treatment strategies to each patient’s individual needs.

Comprehensive Tinnitus Assistance in Surprise, AZ

Working with a tinnitus professional can involve exploring various avenues of treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Every patient walks a different journey, and our specialists are committed to helping you find the best treatment path for you.

Balance Services – Surprise, AZ

  • Balance Evaluation
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Diagnostic Vestibular Evaluations
  • Head Injuries and Concussions
  • Sports Concussions
  • Ear Crystals
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Cholesteatoma

If you experience balance or fall risks, contact our office for an evaluation and to learn about the newest treatment options. Happy Ears Balance Center only employs highly qualified Audiologists who are extensively trained in all types of balance disorders and treatment options. Happy Ears Balance Center in Mesa, Arizona is located near Broadway and Recker Rd in the Baywood Medical Plaza.

Understanding Vertigo and Balance Disorders

Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness or spinning, often accompanied by a feeling of imbalance, which can significantly affect an individual’s daily activities. Unlike other balance disorders, vertigo is typically characterized by sudden, intense episodes that may last for a few minutes or hours.

Common Causes How It’s Diagnosed

There are several common causes of vertigo, including inner ear problems such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s disease, and vestibular neuritis. In some cases, vertigo can also be linked to brain-related issues like migraines or acoustic neuromas. Vertigo specialists can accurately diagnose the cause through comprehensive evaluations and vestibular testing, which assesses the inner ear and its impact on balance.

Symptoms of Vertigo

Common symptoms of vertigo include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, and difficulty walking. These symptoms can severely impact an individual’s quality of life, limiting their ability to perform daily activities and enjoy leisure pursuits. Seeking treatment from balance and hearing professionals can help alleviate these symptoms and improve overall well-being.

The Importance of Seeing a Specialist for Dizziness and Balance Problems

Ignoring episodes of dizziness and balance problems can not only impact your daily activities but also pose significant risks to your overall health and safety. In some cases, these symptoms may indicate an underlying medical condition that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Early Detection and Treatment of Underlying Conditions

By consulting with a vertigo specialist, you can identify the root cause of your dizziness and balance problems, whether it’s an inner ear disorder, a neurological issue, or another medical condition. Early detection and treatment of these underlying causes are crucial to prevent potential complications and long-term damage.

Personalized Care and Guidance

Audiologists and balance experts are well-equipped to provide personalized care and guidance tailored to your specific needs. They can recommend targeted treatment plans, including medications, physical therapy, or lifestyle modifications, to help manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. This personalized approach ensures that you receive the most appropriate care for your unique situation.

Prevention of Accidents and Injuries

Dizziness and balance problems can significantly increase the risk of accidents and injuries, such as falls or collisions. Seeking the expertise of a balance/vertigo expert can help you develop strategies to minimize these risks and maintain your safety in daily activities.

Improved Quality of Life

Ultimately, seeing a specialist for dizziness and balance problems can be tremendously impactful in improving your quality of life. By addressing the root cause of your symptoms and implementing an effective treatment plan, you can regain control over your daily activities, enjoy leisure pursuits, and live a fulfilling life in Surprise, Arizona.

Happy Ears Balance Center in Surprise, AZ

The Happy Ears Balance Center in Surprise, AZ, is a top facility for addressing vertigo and balance disorders. With a team of dedicated professionals, the center offers comprehensive evaluations, vestibular testing, and personalized vertigo treatments to help patients regain control over their lives. By getting evaluated by Happy Ears Balance professionals, individuals can benefit from the latest advancements in the field and receive tailored care to suit their unique needs.

Vertigo Treatments Offered at Happy Ears Balance Center

At the Happy Ears Balance Center, we offer a range of vertigo treatments depending on the cause and severity of the condition. These may include canalith repositioning maneuvers for BPPV, medication management for Meniere’s disease, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, and surgical interventions for more complex cases. By working closely with trained specialists, patients can get the most appropriate treatment plan for their specific needs and symptoms.If you or a loved one is experiencing dizziness and balance problems, get help from vertigo specialists at the Happy Ears Balance Center in Surprise, AZ. We offer state-of-the-art vestibular testing and a wide range of vertigo treatments designed to improve your quality of life. By addressing your vertigo symptoms and working closely with dedicated professionals, you can regain control over your life and enjoy all that Surprise, Arizona, has to offer. Don’t let vertigo hold you back – visit the Happy Ears Balance Center in Surprise, AZ, and take the first step towards a healthier, happier future.

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Hearing Aid Brand Choices

Many hearing stores and practices only offer one option to treat your hearing. In many cases, it is because they are owned by, or incentivised by a single manufacturer. However, just like hearing loss, not all treatment options are the same. Some devices are better than others depending on your unique type of loss and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Learn More
I had the best experience ever with Happy Ears. From the time I walked in the door and met the receptionist, Janalene to the appointment with Dawn the audiologist, I felt welcome and comfortable. They both took the time to answer all my questions and Dawn explained everything and showed me all the things I needed to know about my hearing, the testing and the complete care of my hearing aids. They also handled all my insurance billing. I had my new hearing aids in a matter of days and I am so impressed with them. They are just perfect. I feel like I am hearing better than I ever have. It has totally changed my life for the better. Thank you so much Dawn and Janalene. As you can tell I would highly recommend anyone going to Happy Ears.
Judy Davis
03:04 08 Mar 18
I went to Happy Ears in Surprise to see about getting my hearing evaluated and then, if needed, hearing aids. I was assisted by Levi and he answered all my questions and concerns in a friendly, professional way. He clearly explained the process from start to finish and I was very satisfied with the result. I can now hear what I have been missing and it's great.
Robert Prow
01:47 15 Dec 17
The staff were amazing. My daughter was treated extremely well and she actually really enjoyed her screening.I had a difficult time (with custody/decision making) and the staff helped me resolved it very professionally without any fuss.Received multiple calls later just checking on my daughter and her ENT appointment. Very personable. I can't give enough stars to Happy Ears.
Todd Austin
02:53 23 Nov 17
Super nice and efficient! Completely exceeded my expectations. This office is 20 miles out of my way yet completely worth the drive. Also, a state of the art facility. Thank you!
Jackie D
22:36 17 Jan 18
I entered the Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise with a significant hearing loss problem that I had been delaying treatment for for many years. I am really pleased to share that with the professional assistance (and patience) of Levi Young I was tested and ultimately fitted with hearing devices that have brought my hearing back to a level that hasimmeasurably improved my sound and speech reception and comprehension. I highly recommend Happy Ears and Levi Young.
Gary Brown
01:19 20 Nov 17
Sometimes you do not want to admit that you are getting older and that you need to improve your hearing! I was not sure where to go or which hearing aids to get. I had a friend suggest Happy Ears. I am pleased that I went. Dr. Matt Wetmore is a doctor of audiology in Surprise and he knows what he is doing. He is so patient. I have been going back every week. He will work until it is right. The hearing aids may cost more but it depends what you choose but the services is fabulous and to me that is what is important. How many have bought hearing aids at other places only to give up on wearing them!! I am very pleased with the Happy Ears Hearing Center.
Georgeann Garritano
23:32 09 Jun 19
Very thorough exam and consultation!
Dr. Richard J Shannon
02:00 10 Nov 19
Dawn is simply amazing!!!! She did an overly fantastic job with my special needs soon! I tell everyone about this establishment! The best!
Aubrey Brooks
14:11 09 Jan 19
Wonderful practice, great staff and the doctor couldn't be any better. She took the time to answer my questions and made me feel comfortable with our treatment plan. Thanks again Dr. Shanna!
brad tuffs
14:46 19 Dec 19
We began our relationship with happy ears in early 2019. I have great respect for Dr. Matt, his opinion and assessment of Dad’s hearing. We have found the staff to be very pleasant. Be advised there has been a policy change that they did NOT post on their counter, did NOT email to their clients and at check-out she did not announce the amount of the charge which has historically been $25 for a clean/check of the hearing aids and ears. I was chatting with the receptionist at check out and did NOT look at my receipt because it is a $25 clean / check. When my father’s credit card bill arrived, I was shocked to find a charge for $100 for the clean / check. When I contacted Happy Ears, I was notified that the owner would not adjust the bill to $25 because a doctor performed the clean / check. Due to a recent policy change it is $100 if the doctor performs the service and $25 if someone else in the office performs the service. I was not advised of this change. When I set the appointment, I asked for the clean/check and did not specifically request Dr. Matt but was scheduled with him. I am upset that the bill will not be adjusted even in light of the issue that they stated it was a new policy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have had a very positive experience with this Happy Ears location and will continue to use their services but I will be much more inquisitive about fees before and after any visit.
jennifer parks
17:30 05 Jan 20
Amazing staff thank you
Steve Yohn
01:11 30 Jan 20
Dr. Wetmore was extremely thorough on his testing of my hearingand very clear in his explanation of his findings. Although hearingaids are not helpful for my tinnitus at this time, I will certainly return to see Dr. Wetmore should my hearing worsen and I would require hearing aids. Thank you so much and very highly recommended!!!
Mike Shelton
18:55 03 Feb 20
On Thursday March 5 2020, I went to Happy Ears Hearing Center in Surprise AZ. because my hearing aids had a problem. My experience with Happy Ears Hearing on the phone and at their office was outstanding and very professional. Because of the wonderful treatment I experienced, I will become a new customer and recommend Happy Ears Hearing Center to my Friends and Family. Tom E
Tom Easton
19:18 11 Mar 20
Very friendly and professional staff. Made sure everything was good with my hearing. Would recommend to anyone!
00:28 15 Mar 20
Highly recommend! Dr. Matthew Wetmore is excellent . I was impressed with his review & analysis of my hearing situation/needs. He explained the options thoroughly and implemented his recommended solution effortlessly. He knows his Phonak products (my hearing aid brand). Service is pricey but in line with the industry. Office had good COVID-19 hygiene practices. Both, Dr. Wetmore, and Jenna, the lady in the front, are very pleasant to deal with. Well done!
Linda and Ruzbeh Dastoor
18:18 24 Jun 20
The office receptionist was very welcoming no a long wait at all. The Dr also very nice explained everything in. Great detail as to why the hearing loss. Even helped with what would be the less cost but with efficiency on the hearing aids. Awesome office.
Irma Camacho
13:24 28 May 20
Very efficient and thorough in testing, explaining and meeting my personal needs. Front office also exceptional! Very satisfied with my visit.
Billy Garrett
18:54 29 May 20
We had a fantastic experience! Dr. Wetmore was amazing with our 2 year old, and was wonderful about explaining everything to us. I highly recommend them!
Paige Cisar
19:17 22 May 20
Very satisfied.Never had an exam and things explained like this. Went here because of several friends going and recommending them.Recommendations were all confirmed.From the staff to the audiologist to the products I received, zero issues.They were even knowledgeable about my insurance and handled all that with nothing needed from me.I'd highly recommend them.
Jim Branton
21:54 13 Jul 20
We had a Great experience with the staff and Dr. Having two children with bilateral hearing loss we have gone through the hearing aid fit and purchase four times now. I can tell you Dr. Wetmore went over and above anything else we have ever experienced. The audiologist truly makes a difference with children, could not be more pleased.
15:11 22 Jul 20
Dr. Wetmore and office staff are exceptional!!! They work together to make sure all our questions are answered and help with insurance issues. Dr. Wetmore is professional, friendly and dedicated to his cochlear implant clients. Thank you for continuing to serve the hearing impaired population during these challenging times. 🙂👍
01:30 09 Aug 20
Went to see the Audiologist about a new BAHA processor for our daughter. We met with a very knowledgeable Audiologist and started the process for getting the device.
Mark Woolworth
22:11 01 Oct 20
I cannot be more grateful to have found Happy Ears to get my Mom's hearing tested. The receptionist, Jenna, was extremely friendly and helpful.Dr. Wetmore, was great too. He explained everything he was going to be doing, what my Mom would be hearing, cleaned the wax from her ears and fitted her with much needed hearing aides. It is pretty special when you can witness the face of a person who hasn't heard well for years, hear clearly again! Thank you for making that happen, at Happy Ears in Surprise, Arizona!
Marilyn Belieu
01:19 11 Oct 20
Great service. Patient, explaining everything as hes went along. Highly recommend them
Larry Penny
19:09 22 Oct 20
Dr Wetmore was amazing. Very patient with my 18 month old during his appointment and very knowledgeable. Explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions and concerns regarding testing and results. I highly recommend Dr Wetmore and Happy Ears!
Jacque Stella
19:41 28 Oct 20
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr Wetmore is always professional and informative. I intend on only going to Happy Ears for my appointments and adjustments.
William Hill
23:49 18 Dec 20
The doctor at the Surprise Happy Ears is great. He really listens and acts like he truly cares. He is extremely thorough. I will never go any place else for my hearing needs. I highly recommend
Sharon Collins
18:05 06 Jan 21
Very thorough exam!! Dr Wetmore was great. Would highly recommend this clinic.
Alice Gardner
18:49 02 Mar 21
I brought by 9 year old son in. It was a very quick process, everyone was super nice, and worked really well with kids. Would definitely recommend!
Brittany Cardon
20:27 03 Mar 21
They were able to make my son feel comfortable enough to complete the entire hearing test. This was our 3rd attempt at a hearing test. Would definitely go back and recommend them. Everyone was very friendly and explained everything they would be doing.
Kate Cvetkovich
17:38 03 Apr 21
I was so nervous about my 3 year olds hearing test because she does not cooperate easy for this kind of thing. But the doctor was patient and great and it went very smoothly!!
Love W
06:53 14 Apr 21
The staff and the doctor were all fantastic. Very thorough testing and very knowledgeable about hearing equipment.
T Burr
01:26 04 May 21
Amazing environment! My daughter had a blast with the facility and very welcoming
Larry Covington
16:49 09 Jul 21
Truly the best medical experience I have *ever* had. Thank you for listening to my concerns & pointing me in the right direction for next steps. Thorough & kind audiologist; pleasant & professional staff.
22:29 12 Aug 21
Dr. Matt made the testing experience very easy. After the test he explained results and answered all my questions. I felt that the diagnosis was correct and will see him next year for my next annual exam. Nice office facilities also.
Mike Gill
16:26 22 Dec 21
Great service no waiting even for short notice appointment.
Bert Chew
23:14 15 Jan 22
Megan Korbelik skillfully removed a large plug of hardened wax from one ear & then tested my hearing in both ears, which showed no change over past 2 years--a big relief to me! Many thanks Megan!
Roy Carpenter
01:20 09 Mar 22
They helped me identify which ear my BPPV was occurring in and did maneuver to help me dislodge the crystals so my vertigo would stop.
Camille Earhart
16:34 04 Apr 22
Very informative, explained everything about the process. Very knowledgeable and no high pressure. Would highly recommend the one in Surprise Az.
George & June Krueger
14:31 12 Apr 22
My wife was diagnosed with tinnitus and reduced hearing function about 6 months ago.Her primary care doc recommended Dr.Wetmore with Happy Ears Center.What a huge life changing difference his knowledge and caring attitude has made for her.He patiently listened to her concerns and formed a care plan that has improved her hearing and reduced her tinnitus to a negligible level.I can recommend Happy Ears Center and especially Dr. Wetmore without reservation.
Tony Griego
19:21 13 Apr 22
Dr. Wetmore and staff make you feel comfortable and confident in choosing them for hearing concerns.Always feel you are professionally cared for and given the time needed to address questions/concerns.Happy with my decision to choose them.
Sandy Raymond
00:23 14 Apr 22
The entire team at the Happy Ears Surprise office is fantastic!! Dr. Wettmore is knowledgeable and helpful. Mappings and hearing aid adjustments are difficult for me. I appreciate the patience and support from everyone at Happy 😊 Ears!! Grateful
T&N Wavrin
14:58 14 Apr 22
Excellent customer service, very friendly staff. I would highly recommend this office for all your hearing needs,Cheryl
Cheryl Brown
23:12 19 Apr 22
Amazing customer service and a very warm and grounded environment. Took my grandmother here and had impeccable service!
Damien Dela Cruz
06:21 20 Apr 22
Prompt and efficient service.Called this morning with an issue; able to secure an appointment this same day.The office is bright, cheerful, well appointed and very clean - excellent first impression.Jodici, the receptionist, was very helpful - friendly, knowledgeable, organized, efficient; helped to ease my anxiety.Matthew Wetmore AU. D; was very thorough, efficient, and professional. He cleared up my issue in very short order, no pain or mess; and provided excellent suggestions as to how I can avoid a similar issue.Very satisfied with the service Happy Ears Hearing Centre provided for me.Would recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a hearing problem.
Don Darling
21:45 20 Apr 22
It was a great experience, thank you! They go over everything with you. All questions gets answered. My ears are definitely happy lol
23:27 21 Apr 22
I am SO Happy to finally find a place that makes me feel Welcome. Warm hearted, polite, and happy to answer all of my questions.
Daris Garrett
02:16 22 Apr 22
Just finished an extensive and very thorough evaluation for vertigo with Courtney and it was a very pleasant experience. She explained everything thoroughly before we did any of the tests which I appreciated. Her demeanor is very kind and thoughtful. We even did a treatment today and I will be going back next week. Office staff is very friendly and the facility is bright and modern. Definitely glad I came here.
Terry Davies
21:54 26 Apr 22
Phenomenal experience with our audiology resident, Megan. She was kind and caring with my son, and took the time to explain everything that she was conducting. He was so comfortable with her, he gave her a big smooch on the cheek when he was all done!
Rachel Giterman
00:58 17 May 22
Excellent service, warm, friendly staff in a sterile and inviting atmosphere. The appt was for 2 yr. old granddaughter. Meagan and her colleague were very patient and accommodating with her. I highly recommend this office for little ones!
Iris Caro-Ramos
23:31 07 Jun 22
Everyone was very pleasant and cheerful. The office always has been. The only downside was the person that I needed to see was not there, although I was aware of it when I made the appointment. I will go back when I return from a 5 week trip and see about getting a new mold for my left ear speaker.
Thomas Spencer
22:18 13 Jun 22
The office staff and the doctor were some of the sweetest and nicest people I’ve ever met. Everything was explained in detail. I left there feeling very confident in myself with the way they made me feel. Great place to go, highly recommend.
Chrystal Ramirez
15:08 15 Jun 22
The Surprise location was really nice inside! The staff was so friendly from the second we stepped in to the second we left. The two ladies working with my 2 year old were very patient and really kept her engaged the whole time. It was a great experience for everyone and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Breann Schramke
16:55 17 Jun 22
The providers were very kind and patient with my 3 year old son. I accidentally thought my appointment was at another location, so I was late, and they were extremely accepting and nice about it. Were able to accommodate my autistic son and make the process as smooth and happy as it could be. Tears were still involved, but still so encouraging about it all. Definitely recommend.
Heather Vazquez
17:29 21 Jun 22
Amazing people! Doctor Wetmore understands how we are as hearing impaired and makes it so we can hear at our best. I can not state enough how friendly and professional this office is. I have never been able to hear as well as I can after getting my new hearing aids from Happy Ears.
Frank Sasso
23:54 22 Jun 22
I accompanied my mom to her appointment and was so pleased with the friendliness and helpfulness of the front desk. We saw the audiologist Megan. She was so kind, patient, and full of information. She really helped my mom feel comfortable and took time to answer all of our questions. I was also impressed that she had familiarized herself with my moms medical history prior to our appointment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a Dr and it’s obvious they haven’t read any of the pre-visit medical history forms we painstakingly fill out on advance. Megan took the time to read it all and was therefore in a much better position to treat my mom. I have every confidence in this clinic.
Michelle Masias
00:52 08 Jul 22
We took our 18 month old there for a hearing test and everyone there was beyond friendly! The lady that greeted us at the front desk was so sweet and gave us all the information to ease our nerves. Megan and Carly did the hearing test and these girls are made to work with kids, they both were so good with our son!! He didn’t cry at all until it was time to leave!
Samantha Garner
20:38 11 Jul 22
After having all my records destroyed from previous providers, nobody was willing to take me on as a cochlear implant patient. Happy Ears was able to take me on, helped me upgrade my equipment, and is helping me get some better programming on them. The front office staff is friendly and helpful, as is my audiologist, Megan. This office is nowhere near being the closest CI center to me but the drive is worth it for the help I’ve gotten! Kudos to Happy Ears!
Stacy Adam
22:30 11 Jul 22
I am beyond happy and impressed with Happy Ears- Surprise location. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a very welcoming and friendly front office. The facility is extremely clean. My 2 yr old saw Meghan (audiologist). She was amazing and so good with my daughter. ‘y daughter is non verb and uses ESL for communication and the audiologist knew sign language as well. Our whole experience was A+.
Dorothea Jording
03:36 19 Jul 22
I came here to find out what was causing my vertigo and how it can be fixed. The front off staff were very inviting and sweet. They make you feel comfortable. Courtney was amazing. She was kind, understanding and determined to figure out what was going on with me and treat it. I loved the knowledge she had and how she explained everything to me. Definitely thankful for everything. I would recommend her to anyone I know that has vertigo.
Tracey Carroll
19:58 29 Jul 22
First time visiting the office, it was very comfortable and pleasant. The doctor was very understanding and listened to my concerns, and knew my symptoms. I should have went there in the beginning, instead of going to 4 different specialists that didn't know nothing and shoved me out the door. This doctor did no such thing. She was absolutely amazing.!
Melanie Cain
20:41 29 Jul 22
I had mixed up my appointment and I was a week early they were able to get my son in today instead of the following week which was amazing. Loved the staff and usually my son won’t go anywhere with out me being by his side. They made him feel super comfortable and was able to go threw the hearing tests with out mommy by his side and his only 3 I would totally recommend this place for anyone else in need, your guys are amazing.
Vanessa Alarcon
20:33 17 Aug 22
The whole visit was wonderful! The staff at Happy Ears Hearing was so kind and answered questions I had. They were very thorough in testing my son’s hearing and made it a great and fun experience for him! They had cold water bottles and lollipops which made the experience even better! I highly recommend Happy Ears to anyone!!!
Jenny Christianson
14:35 20 Aug 22
Brought my 18 month old here because he has a speech delay and we were referred here to check his hearing. The facilities are super clean and welcoming. The staff was beyond friendly and great with my son. They definitely made the experience easy for us and explained everything very well.
Angelica Perillo
18:30 25 Aug 22
I highly recommend! My son is 2.5 years old and is autistic. He needed a hearing test check done. The two women technicians that conducted the tests were so patient, compassionate and very helpful when dealing with my son and his fears. They took their time to work with him and I never felt rushed. It was overall a good experience for me and my son was even happy at end. Thank you!
Hannah Yates
06:18 30 Aug 22
Happy Ears have the best customer service. I had an appointment scheduled this week and arrived later than expected for my appointment. They rescheduled me and offered to call if the scheduled became free. Within a day I was rescheduled and sent friendly reminders. I arrived to my appointment great doctor and student worker. For each procedure they explained to me what was happening. I left my appointment knowing what was wrong with me and how to move forward. I'd recommend this place any day of the week. Keep doing what you do!
Kimberly Branche
15:34 04 Nov 22
I’ve been wearing a hearing aid for 35 years and I have been to a lot of hearing aid centers. I have never been to a better place than happy ears, in surprise! They have outstanding customer service, above, and beyond what you would expect! Everyone there always makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the room! So happy I found them, and I would recommend this place to all my friends! And even strangers!
Michael Daniels
00:28 31 Jan 23
Best hearing Center I ever seen ,classy and very clean with super new hearing equipments, professional staff and very friendly with kids, highly recommended
Bashar Dababneh
16:32 03 Sep 22
We were referred to Happy Ears by my son’s pediatrician. He needed a simple hearing test done to determine if his hearing plays a role in his speech delay. He is 18 months old, and we were told that this place had experience testing the hearing of babies. They brought my son and me into a room with toys and other equipment for running the test. My son was not interested in their puppets that they used for a certain test, so they were unable to perform it… He also started crying when they placed a device in his ear, so they said that they couldn’t perform that test either. Both of these behaviors are totally normal for an 18 month old baby. They charged me $150 and couldn’t perform any hearing tests. They told me to come back in a month and maybe he’ll enjoy their puppets and not cry ?? But they will still charge me another $150. For an audiologist who claims to have experience with babies, it does not make sense that they were not able to test my son’s hearing. I feel taken advantage of for paying someone for a hearing test that was not performed. And it was a ridiculous request for them to tell me to come back in a month so they can perform the exact same test that didn’t work the first time for another $150. If you are considering bringing your young child here, consider looking elsewhere.
Chelsea Mitchell
22:58 01 Nov 22
I had my routine hearing aid check and clean yesterday. Sarah’s reminder call the day prior was timely as I was experiencing degraded hearing aid performance and realized I was due for this cleaning! Happy Ears was pleasant to work with; I have used them for 5 years now. I aim to have professional cleaning every 6months and this time I skipped an appointment due to travel but happy ears follow up came through! Within 24hrs my devices were cleaned back to normal function and I have an audiologist appointment in early January.
James Gidley
14:29 23 Dec 22
From start to finish my experience here was absolutely amazing the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable! We are so happy we finally found a place that truly cares about your child’s well-being! Jen at the front desk was so welcoming with her smile and caring nature and Carly Who performed the hearing test was absolutely a ray of sunshine and had a smile on the whole time and made my son& I feel so comfortable!!!
Jonna Moon
16:00 04 Oct 22
First time mom and didn’t know what to expect. This has been the best experience I have ever had with any doctor let alone just for my son. I will recommend Happy Ears to anyone and everyone. They were able to keep my two year old calm and completely comfortable the ENTIRE time. Thank you to the team at Happy Ears Surprise! 💙💙 You guys are freaking rockstars!!! 💕
Hanna Hendee
18:08 19 Oct 22
I thoroughly enjoyed my recent visit to the Surprise office of Happy Ears Hearing Center. The staff were very friendly, the location was immaculate, and they got me in right on time.Dr. Wetmore was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He took enough time to ensure I understood exactly what the results of my hearing test meant, and I left with a clear understanding of what was going on with my hearing.I highly recommend this office.
Matt Woods
14:21 28 Nov 22
The staff is amazing. I was Greeted by Sara who has such a happy bright personality. The doctor was patient, emphathetic and thorough. Her assistant was equally patient.I appreciate them so much making a possible scary experience easier by answering all my questions and letting me know every step of the way what they were doing and why.Highly recommend
Jane Messerschmidt
19:11 17 Nov 22
I am from RI visiting my son and daughter-in-law and one of my less than year old hearing aids decided to quit on me. I called a couple of audiology offices in the area but for one reason or another I decided not to go to them (ridiculous charges, transferring of records from back home, why? etc.). I called Happy Ears which is about 25 minutes away and immediately knew this was where to go. I was told there would be a $50 diagnostic charge (way better than $600 from one of the others) and no appointment was necessary, just come on in. We got there and the extremely pleasant person at the desk (Sarah) told us to have a seat and she’d be right with us. After a minute or two she called me up to the desk and asked how she could help. I told her what was going on and she took my hearing aids and went in the back. After several minutes it was determined that the receiver was no good. They installed a new receiver and we were on our way. No charge, covered under the manufacturer warranty. This place is AWESOME! Thank you, Sarah. What a great experience!
David Andrews
02:56 27 May 23
My 3-year-old son and I had a wonderful experience at Happy Ears. The front office ladies were prompt and super friendly! I loved their creative and flexible approaches that helped my son’s hearing screening be a success. It seemed like we were playing games and having “fun” rather than sitting in a doctor’s office!
Blanca Lawson
23:24 17 Jan 23
Great staff at Happy Ears Hearing Center. Front office staff person Sarah was very friendly and easy to visit with.Dr. Wetmore was able to guide me in the right direction on how I can get a new device.I am looking forward in building a good relationship with this company.
Jason kolbrek
16:27 12 Dec 22
Happy Ears is an exemplary audiology clinic. The front staff is attentive and so friendly. They are also efficient. Dr. Wetmore has patiently taught me how to use my aid device. There is quite a bit to know if they are to work at their best.
Mary Tieszen
22:22 28 Feb 23
I was very pleased to visit Happy Ears. The place is new in Surprise, modern and clean. But the best are the crew members. The front desk person is very professional, friendly and above all, helpful. The doctor is knowledgeable, and professional. Friendly and really helpful. I will recommend Happy Ears any time to anyone who wants a test done right. Every test done by Happy Ears is interesting and fun.
Alex Blaz
18:57 07 Jun 23
From beginning to end this place was amazing! As soon as you walk in your are more than welcomed. The staff are super friendly and the place and location are very very nice and well maintained. They explain everything nicely and I left with no questions. They actually take their time with you unlike most medical places or doctors that just want you in and out. Loved this place and would highly recommend!
Cori S.
02:03 14 Jun 23
Very friendly and efficient. Had an initial appointment in July. Was called to reschedule in June. Then another call to make it earlier in June. Unheard of. What service! The appointment was for my husband to evaluate his vertigo issues. He was very pleased with the care he received. Would go there again when necessary. Thank you Sarah. She is terrific!
Patricia Casey
16:03 17 Jun 23
The entire experience was great! From the ease of making the appointment, the kind, friendly staff, and the time spent with the provider. Everyone was professional, explained the process, and took all the time necessary to ensure I understood everything. I highly recommend Happy Ears Hearing Center!
Michele Lardani
16:37 14 Jun 23
We have always had the best experience at this location! Everyone from the front desk to the doctors are so pleasant and accommodating. My daughter had a hard time initially being nervous and she left feeling so confident! Thank you for all your hard work!
Shannon Flynn
18:36 27 Apr 23
I’ve been in this Happy Ears office for multiple appointments and I can say that not only are they professional and efficient, but everyone I’ve had contact with has been wonderful. The doctors are knowledgeable and really listen to you. Sarah at the front welcomes you in with a smile and is so sweet. The resident, Mira, that did my testing today was great to work with. She walked me through each step and was so kind to work with. I wish I’d found this place years ago, I’m glad I finally did.
K Mirth
17:34 30 Jun 23
Everything from making the appointment, to parking, to checking in, to our doctor and exam, and even the facility and equipment was phenomenal. I brought my rather challenging 4 year old in for an exam and was super impressed with how patient and compassionate the team there was. I highly recommend Happy Ears in Surprise!
Andrea Tepfer
23:39 10 Jul 23
I say enough good things about this place. It was my first visit yesterday and I was immediately impressed with how the front office greeted their patients. Not just me being new but how they interacted with their existing patients. It was like they were family walking in. The doctors that performed my testing and went over my options were amazing, I was feeling pretty awkward initially and that quickly subsided. They were knowledgeable and professional, just made me feel a lot more at ease. If you are looking for an Audiologist I would highly recommend this place. Walk in and see for yourself, they are amazing!
Julie Lorraine
17:23 25 Jul 23
I recently had VNG testing done at Happy Ears Hearing and Balance Center. The office was beautiful and the staff very helpful and friendly. Dr. Christopher Bechtel conducted the testing. He was very detailed in explaining the process of each test and made sure I felt comfortable before moving on to the next. After the testing was complete, he thoroughly went over the results and was extremely patient in answering all of my questions. A detailed summary of results from the testing was also sent to me via email the same day. Extremely satisfied with the care I received at Happy Ears would recommend.
Jeanna King
23:56 06 Aug 23
The whole process was flawless! I was able to make my appointment, get all the necessary paperwork completed, and speak to someone all in the same day! I was beyond excited to go to Happy Ears and I will recommend them to everyone I know who needs help with their ears (especially wax removal).
IsmaelJen Flores
03:46 09 Aug 23
I wish all doctors offices were like this. The receptionist is a joy, very happy, very nice. The doctor I saw( I apologize, his name escapes me at the moment) is the most thorough doctor I've ever seen. He goes over every inch and aspect of what he's doing and what's coming up. Hopefully I won't have problems with my ears, but this will be where I go to always for anything related with ears. And if you are reading the Happy Ears...... great job, and thank you.
Dale a
19:03 15 Aug 23
Checked in by Sarah and met with Dr. Wetmore. Extremely thorough, knowledgeable and very trustworthy. To many skip this part of their overall health plan and I’m very glad to have made this appointment. First class operation here.
B Siok
22:08 15 Aug 23
Scheduling appointment was quick and easy. The entire team provided great customer service. The doctor took his time asking questions and listening to my responses. After some testing he was even able to treat me on the same visit. I highly recommend Happy Ears Hearing Center!
Evan Kincaid
01:56 21 Aug 23
Dr. Wetmore and staff (Sarah) were wonderful and professional in all aspects of my care. A lovely office with comfortable waiting area. Everything was explained to me in very clear and easy to understand detail. I would highly recommend this practice.
Paula Lipson
20:07 15 Aug 23
I just went to Happy Ears in Surprise a few days ago, and the whole experience was excellent. I've been suffering from vertigo for years and a few doctors I'd seen before didn't do much. This was completely different. Dr. Bechtel asked good questions and did a lot of tests and really spent time. Once back home, my vertigo was gone! I finally had a great night sleep. The office staff are wonderful and friendly too. The whole experience was night and day from your typical dr. office visit where you're rushed through with no solution. I'm so glad I found them!!
Laine Seaton
14:25 25 Aug 23
My experience was excellent from beginning to end. The front desk receptionist was so pleasant & was even willing to put me on a wait list for a sooner appointment.......and followed through with it. Dr. Wetmore is so, so personable, was very thorough, explained everything in detail & answered all my questions. The office is clean & beautiful & welcoming & easy to find. I would recommend Happy Ears on Mountain View Blvd. in Surprise to EVERYONE.
Donna Thomas
03:46 29 Aug 23
I was really impressed on my first visit to Happy Ears in Surprise. Very nice modern office. The hearing test was very thorough, and the doctor explained the results and his recommendations very clearly. He didn't recommend the most expensive option. I placed an order and am confident that my new hearing aids will turn out to be exactly what I need.
jon monsen
03:46 29 Aug 23
What an amazing place! My father was recently referred to Happy Ears after his doctor suggested vestibular therapy for his dizziness. I had no idea what to expect and actually, had never even heard of this particular therapy before. Sara was our first point of contact and she was AMAZING! The doctor spent a good 2 hours evaluating and testing my father…they were so kind and extremely professional.Wonderful experience…wonderful staff!!!Thanks Sara and Doc!!
Mary Churton
16:52 07 Sep 23
I went to Happy Ears in Surprise, I am suffering from Vertigo for few months now. Dr. Bechtel was wonderful, kind and extremely patient with me. I got home and I feel 80% better. Still need some therapy but all and all he was wonderful and the office staff were very friendly and kind. Thank you Dr. Bechtel and staff. 🙏🙏🙏
Romina Brakhia
18:05 08 Sep 23
I have never in my life had a more thorough hearing exam. I can now hear again after Mira totally reprogrammed my aids. What a wonderful staff. So friendly and Mira immediately put me at ease before, during and after my exam. She is so knowledgeable and experienced. I simply cannot say enough kind words about my visit to Happy Ears. I would recommend Happy Ears to everyone on the planet!!
Grace Keenan
03:44 16 Sep 23
Awesome people and wonderful customer service! My appointment was with Dr. Bechtel and he was kind, patient and very knowledgeable. He explained each step and always made sure I understood and that I was comfortable. I never felt rushed or pushed along like many medical practices. Truly a great doctor and a great experience!
Wayne K
17:02 11 Oct 23
Everyone here was FANTASTIC. I was well taken care of and everything was explained to me in full detail. Any question I had was answered. Treatment options for my hearing loss were explained in full and the woman that was helping me even went above and beyond to see what things were covered under my insurance and through care credit. Amazing service.
Sydney Kordus
16:54 17 Oct 23
I don’t think I have ever left a Google review, but I just feel it’s necessary after the experience we have had with Happy Ears! We were referred by my daughter’s pediatrician to rule out potential hearing loss in relation to a speech delay. (I had no idea the two could even be connected!) We met with Dr. Seaton and assistant Mira on three different visits to check my daughter’s hearing, each time working with a very antsy and sensitive two year old. Both Dr. Seaton and Mira were absolutely amazing in helping to keep my daughter comfortable and as happy as possible throughout the testing at every visit—toys, lollipops, and a very toddler-friendly testing room were key to successful testing! They addressed my concerns as a mom, and made me feel so confident that my daughter was in good hands to get the answers we needed. Thank you both, and everyone at Happy Ears for being so accommodating and making this process so easy and comfortable!
20:20 24 Oct 23
If you need a hearing evaluation this is the place to go! The office is just beautiful. The staff were friendly, helpful and positive (rare to find these days). Dr. Wetmore was amazing! He spent a lot of time with me considering he had to refer me to an ENT. He explained what I can expect going forward with another specialist. When people enjoy the work they are doing it is shown in the environment. Thank you for the lovely experience yesterday!
Monica 623
16:59 29 Nov 23
This is a great place with a very friendly staff, a wonderful facility and very professional. The receptionist was friendly and made feel important and welcome. The lady that did my ear work was friendly, communicated well and did a professional job, walking me through every step. I appreciated how they made feel and was very truth the results.
Charles Basteyns
00:02 01 Dec 23
I had an hearing aid dome stuck in my ear. I called Happy Ears Hearing center and Sarah got me a walk in appointment to get it removed. She was wonderful ! She got a doctor to look at my ear and yes they saw the dome deep in my ear canal. Mia said she didn’t feel comfortable enough to remove it so she got another doctor to look at it. They remove the dome and it feels much better. Sarah checked my hearing aids and replaced the dome and container whip? So much better. If you have hearing issues call Happy Ears Hearing Center, they are really great and very personable. Great place ! Thanks!! Bruce
Bruce White
17:41 05 Dec 23
Outstanding. Went in for hearing loss and Tinnitus. Hearing test showed moderate hearing loss in left ear. Dr Wetmore explained options and had me try on hearing aids which helped me understand the benefits of hearing aid for both hearing loss and Tinnitus. He also had specifics as to what insurance plan covered and my cost for various types of hearing aids. Sarah at front desk was so pleasant as well. No high pressure sales. Highly recommend Happy Ears.
Nanette Nelson
19:43 12 Dec 23
Dr. Wetmore is the best. He takes his time, explains everything thoroughly, answers all your questions, and you never feel rushed. All of the office staff are super nice & friendly. I highly recommend Happy Ears.
Minnie Frizzell
01:28 15 Dec 23
My experience at Happy Ears was very positive. I had never experienced a hearing test before so having everything explained to me was especially appreciated. Everything was handled very professionally and I would highly recommend them to you should you need the care of an Audiologist.
Nancy Bennett
02:57 24 Dec 23
Sarah greeted me as soon as I walked in and made me feel very welcomed. Mira explained everything she was going to do and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed. I would definately recommend Happy Ears Surprise to anyone who is looking for an ear doctor.
Debra Willard
21:57 05 Jan 24
I have been going to Happy Ears Hearing for a few years now, and my latest experience only served to validate my positive opinion of their practice. They are very customer-focused, professional, efficient, and skilled. They worked to get me in quickly and resolved my hearing issue even though they were scheduled out. Their excellent service and concern for my care resulted in yet another positive experience.
Dan Meenan
17:27 06 Jan 24
Man, what a different practice in the world of medicine and diagnostics. I was early as I have a bit of a drive and I fully expected the staff to be still out to lunch. However, to my surprise and delight , Sarah was at the desk ready to take me on as a new patient. She was so very nice, efficient, helpful and she was smiling; and she continued to smile during every interaction we had. It was obvious that she enjoyed her job and dealing with people. At this point I thought I had probably exhausted the cache of happiness: after all, it’s the medical field and what are the odds of getting another genuinely nice and helpful practician to follow suit? Jackpot!! I should have bought a lottery ticket because my interaction with audiologist Mira was just as pleasant. Mira was very helpful, friendly, thoroughly, obviously knowledgeable and proficient. She walked me through all aspects of testing before she started, which was very helpful when it comes to understanding the process of riding the tilt-a-whirl while wearing blackout goggles. She also explained what she perceived from the testing and made offers of future assistance with hearing diagnostics and equipment. I am so pleased with this experience and I give this practice many high marks for refueling my faith that - in this world of apathy and poor customer - there exists a time warp that can take me back to an environment where I am allowed to relax and actually enjoy interaction with providers. Top that all off with thorough diagnostics and… boom: I now have a bar by which to measure future interactions with future providers. Thank you for employing these two gems and I hope their 2024 wage adjustments will be healthy. Gracias!
Marty Rutledge
03:06 18 Jan 24
Mira was so nice and compassionate throughout my whole exam. She was super friendly and funny as well. She explained everything nicely to me and I actually had a good time and felt comfortable. Front desk was very friendly as well, I did not have to wait long and the facility is very clean, they offer waters and coffee. Very nice people and a great experience! Thank you!
Luna Moona
22:03 23 Jan 24
Great and friendly office, Miss Sarah was fantastic on the phone and in person, made me feel very welcome.Dr. Wenton was also fantastic and friendly, took the time to make sure i understood everything.Highly recommend this office.
Jeanette Smith
18:48 23 Jan 24
If I could rate at 10, I would!!! Sara was an amazing help on the phone yesterday and today I went in and she was able to repair my hearing aids!!! My hearing is back!! Thank you, Sara! I noticed while I was in the office today that everyone that came in, she knew them by name!! That’s is SO NICE to the customers-not just a number. I highly recommend Happy Ears to anyone that has questions about their hearing aids. Mine happened to be Phonak, but wherever Sara goes, I go!!! Linda
Linda Alexander
01:57 31 Jan 24
Once again they have gone above and beyond to make sure that my hearing aids were working properly.I went in without any appointment and they gladly took care of me with no questions asked. After a very short wait I was taken back and my hearing aids were adjusted and my ears examined and cleaned. I walked out being able to once again hear my world.I can’t say enough about how great this group of professionals were.P.S.You saved my marriage!!Now I can hear my wife clearly.Thank you so much,Rene Carriveau
Bill Carriveau
17:52 31 Jan 24
Loved their professionalism and friendliness. I came to them with a personal concern with my ears and got very clear and concise feedback. Above and beyond and definitely will come back whenever I am needing help with my ears!
Moriah Rickert
04:32 18 Mar 24
Sarah and the audiologist went the extra mile to help my father who was placed in hospice care. He had lost one of his hearing aids, and Happy Ears was efficient in getting him a replacement in a short amount of time. Excellent caring staff! I highly recommend them
Lori Kay Liberator
23:37 18 Mar 24
What an AWESOME experience! I know that's kind of strange for someone to say after a doctor's office visit. But when I tell you they make you feel at ease the moment you enter the door, Happy Ear Hearing Center Surprise really does create that "white glove" experience. I can not articulate well enough to express my gratitude about Mira, the Audiology resident. WOW! She was truly a gem. The care that she to ensure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. Her kindness was captivating. The euphoric feeling you get when you've encountered something and someone special, Mira went out of her way to make sure I knew what to expect and ensure me she was right there with me through the process. Thank you Happy Ears Hearing Center Surprise, I will definitely recommend you and your team to anyone.
Otis Chandler
23:30 27 Mar 24
I went to my mother’s appointment to assist her and her comfortability. My time there was wonderful. They offered water and coffee before their appointment. Sarah & Marry were the first two people that we saw and they welcomed us with a warm smile. My mother saw Dr. Mira Nathan , Mira was absolutely wonderful she’s sat down with my mom and took at least 30 minutes to get to know her and her situation. She made sure that my mom was comfortable throughout her whole stay. I would highly suggest Mira if you Love a doctor with a bubbly personality!
Shaylah Wilkins
21:26 27 Mar 24
Hearing aides weren’t working well while on vacation. Went to Happy Ears Hearing Center in Suprise AZ and the girls at the front desk were so pleasant and helpful!!! They helped me trouble shoot my hearing aide issues and I can hear again and enjoy the rest of my vacation!! Highly recommend them!!!!
Nancy Bauer
22:44 28 Mar 24
They are very friendly people and make you feel comfortable. Definitely on the ball and returns call. But Costco had much better pricesThe hearing aids they offer are different from Costco except for one. And Costco had it for 4,700 less. That's quite a difference. Same warranty and service or we will see. Just ordered them this week.
Marcine Coburn
13:42 22 May 24
Very nice, clean facility. Excellent staff reached out to me and worked with my insurance provider to ensure everything was in place before our scheduled appointment. Great doctors whose primary mission was making sure my child was receiving the best care available including coordination with outside specialists.
Amanda Poston
17:17 11 Jun 24