Happy Ears Hearing Center Mesa AZ

Opening June 2018!

Mesa Clinic

6116 E. Arbor Ave, Suite 110
Mesa, AZ 85206

P: (480) 562-6001  F: (480) 562-6010

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Mesa Arizona

Hearing Aids | Peoria, AZ | Happy Ears Hearing Center

Peoria Clinic

8877 W Union Hills Dr, Suite 350
Peoria, AZ 85382

P: (623) 428-0727  F: (623) 738-3918

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Peoria Arizona

Happy Ears Scottsdale Lobby

Now Open!

Scottsdale Clinic

10277 N 92nd St, Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

P: (480) 393-0677   F: (480) 681-4294

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Scottsdale Arizona

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             I had a very happy day when I met Dr. Dewsnup at a grocery store in Peoria. I have been to her place of business several times to have my hearing aids cleaned up or to have my hearing testing done. I am always treated with such great service. Everyone in the office goes out of their way to meet my needs. They are more than professional doctors of audiology, they are exceptional fine people. I am so happy I met Dr. Dewsnup and her staff.           </div>
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Surprise Clinic

15015 W Bell Rd, Suite 101
Surprise, AZ 85374

P: (623) 227-1924   F: (623) 738-3913

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Surprise Arizona