Hearing Aid Evaluations in Mesa, Arizona

Hearing aid evaluations are crucial to maintaining good ear health. They are important even if you do not believe your hearing has deteriorated enough to need hearing aids. It’s amazing how much the human body can adjust to gradual declines, so you might not even notice how impaired your hearing has become over time. Our experienced team at Happy Ears can help you determine the severity of your hearing impairment and whether you need hearing aids.

Who Needs Hearing Aid Evaluations

If your doctor determines you have a hearing impairment, then he or she may recommend a hearing evaluation. You may then need a hearing aid evaluation to determine better what devices could improve your hearing. These are some of the people who might ultimately find themselves in need of hearing aid evaluations in Mesa, Arizona.


Military personnel is often in close proximity to loud explosions, gunfire, and big engines. These and other sounds can cause severe and permanent damage to your hearing over time.

Construction Workers

There is a lot of heavy and loud machinery used in construction work. The people who operate them often need to wear protective gear, but the damage can add up over time.

Entertainment Professionals

As a musician, your hearing is crucial to your career, but your job can also expose you to loud sounds that damage your hearing. The same is true for club workers, DJs, and other people in the entertainment industry.


Hearing impairment is a common symptom of getting older. While only 2% of people from 45 to 54 years old have hearing impairments, the number reaches 50% by 75 years and older.

Why You Need Professional Assistance

Hearing aids are expensive. One pair can cost several thousand dollars, and they generally need to be changed every five years. Consequently, many people are trying to find cheaper options with no professional assistance. Ironically, the cost of hearing aids and the importance of hearing are precisely why working with a professional is always the best route.


Our audiologists have been working with people like you for decades. This has helped us form an intimate knowledge of the various brands and the types of hearing impairments they are best suited for. We can then guide you to make the best buying decisions.


Cheap alternatives to traditional hearing aids are rarely — if ever — tuned. Instead, they work on default settings that are allegedly suitable for various demographics. An individually adjusted hearing aid is always best for your needs and lifestyle choices.


It is true that many insurance companies do not cover the cost of hearing aids, but we can help you find the ones that do. We have partnered with several different coverage options to help ensure you pay as little as possible out of pocket.

Why Individually Tuned Hearing Aids Are Best

Some people might argue that hearing aids have come such a long way that individual tuning is overkill. It might seem that way to someone with normal hearing, but for an individual who is losing or has lost independent hearing, a finely tuned hearing aid can make a world of difference. It is also crucial in the following situations.

High-Risk Jobs

If you work in a high-risk field, your hearing aid can mean the difference between surviving life and death situations. These are some of the most dangerous professions in America that you can usually work in with a hearing impairment:

  • Roofing and construction
  • Sanitation and recycling
  • Transportation or trucking
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Logging

High-Fidelity Requirements

If you work in a field where hearing sounds can define your career, you need to invest in traditional hearing aids. Entertainment professionals tend to fall into this category. This includes not just musicians but also film directors, video editors, and studio engineers. Scientists and many other professionals also often need to hear sounds in high-fidelity to work effectively and safely.

How To Book Hearing Aid Evaluations in Mesa Arizona

We understand that hearing impairment presents challenges that can become frustrating to deal with. So, the last thing we want is to add to that frustration by creating a complicated process or making it mandatory that you call us. Just fill out one of our patient forms to get started.