Hearing Aid Evaluations in Surprise, Arizona

Whether or not you are experiencing hearing difficulties, it is important to schedule a regular audiology evaluation to address potential hearing loss problems proactively. When a loss occurs, or there is a decline in your ability to hear, don’t trust corrective measures and hearing aids to just anyone. The team and audiologists at Happy Ears Hearing will craft an individualized approach to restoring hearing functions. A visit to our Surprise, Arizona location guarantees professional and comprehensive hearing aid evaluations to patients with a range of hearing needs.

The Importance of an Individualized Approach To Hearing Aids

Once you’ve been told you need hearing aids, the temptation may be to run to the cheapest, most convenient option. This may leave you with cheap, ineffective equipment and a more rapid decline in hearing loss. An individualized approach to hearing aids means working with an audiologist to both test your hearing and discover which devices will most completely address the findings.

1. Proper Fit

To get the most functionality out of hearing aids, they need to fit properly. Though the hearing process doesn’t change from ear to ear, there are different shapes and sizes to the human ear and to the range of hearing aid options on the market. You will need whatever device you choose to fit properly in the ear for maximum comfort and maximum sound experience. Our audiologist will insert and remove the hearing devices several times to ensure the fit is correct and make adjustments as necessary.

2. Fine Tuning

Hearing aids need to be adjusted and programmed to the specific hearing needs of a patient. The audiologist will have the results from your evaluation and test and customize the devices to your particular needs. There may be different settings or volumes needed between your ears to take preferences and hearing needs. You will work with the audiologist to confirm that the devices are working before leaving the office and fine-tune any programming needs before you head home.

3. Information

Working with an audiologist gives you the most accurate information on caring for your hearing aids and recognizing performance concerns. At Happy Ears Hearing, our audiology team makes sure you know how to clean your hearing aids, replace the batteries and how to store them when not in use. Good information prevents misuse or risk of damage, and in addition to telling you what to do and what not to do, our audiologists are there to answer any questions you may have.

4. Reassurances

You may be nervous about wearing hearing aids or the progression of loss you are experiencing. Rather than going home and researching various conditions or self-help tricks for your devices, working with an audiologist gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions you need. Don’t ever think that your concern or question is unimportant or silly. We want you to be happy wearing your hearing devices, and we will do our best to provide the reassurances you need to wear them confidently.

5. Confidence

With the range of hearing aid options you can choose from, it is important to rely on the expert advice of an audiologist for selecting the right one. Whether highly active or more sedentary, your lifestyle may be better enhanced by a certain style or design. Without knowing the pros and cons of each device option, you may select a pair that doesn’t do much for your hearing problems and are uncomfortable. Having the perfect fit and perfect sound will instill the confidence you need to carry on with your life confidently.

6. Local Support

Working with the Happy Ear Hearing audiology team in Surprise means you have local support whenever you encounter problems or need to have your hearing reevaluated. A local office means the team is already familiar with your information, and you have developed a relationship with one of our stellar audiologists. Both this relationship and the convenience of the location impact how quickly and efficiently you can work through any concerns with your hearing devices.

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If you are looking for hearing aid evaluations in Surprise, Arizona, trust the team at Happy Ears Hearing. We’re not only experts in the latest hearing aid devices; we provide treatment for tinnitus, cochlear implants, and bone-anchored hearing aids.



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