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We love our happy North West Phoenix patients!

Happy Ears Hearing Center is proud to offer the widest range of Audiology services you will find in Arizona. We’re not only experts in the latest hearing aid devices, we provide treatment for tinnitus, cochlear implants, and bone anchored hearing aids. We have a family type bond with all our patients from the Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, and surrounding areas. We are looking forward to adding you and/or your loved one as a part of that family. Our Audiologists are experts in all of the latest hearing technology and have studied for many years to provide the highest quality Audiology services in hearing healthcare.

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Happy Ears Hearing Center – Peoria, Arizona

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Dr. Shanna Dewsnup, Au.D.

Dr. Shanna Dewsnup is licensed in Arizona as a Doctor of Audiology, Dispensing Audiologist and the co-founder of Happy Ears Hearing Center. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders, with an emphasis in Deaf Education, from Utah State University. She also studied at the University of Cincinnati where she obtained her degree as a Doctor of Audiology.

Hearing Services – Peoria, AZ

Hearing Evaluations

Hearing evaluations are different than hearing screenings. When you come to our Peoria Hearing Center, we will go through your hearing history and ask detailed questions about your medical history as well as your lifestyle. We will use a lighted video otoscope to inspect your ears for abnormalities and also check for cerumen or wax blockage. Our video otoscope allows us to show you what we see when we are looking in your ear canal. Our Doctors of Audiology will perform a thorough diagnostic hearing evaluation in a soundproof booth to determine not only the shape of your hearing loss but the type of hearing loss you have, which is incredibly important in determining your treatment options.

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations are performed in our Peoria, Arizona Location. The ability to hear is an extremely important part of a child’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. even the mildest hearing loss can affect a child’s ability to learn to speak or understand language. A diagnostic hearing test may be recommended by your pediatrician or your child’s school for the following reasons:

  • They refer to a hearing screening, whether at birth, through school, or at the pediatrician’s office
  • They have a history of frequent ear infections
  • They have a diagnosed or suspected speech and language delay

Happy Ears Hearing Center tests newborns through adults. Testing for children is done in a playful environment and most of the time, the child does not even know they are having their hearing tested.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing aid evaluations can be combined with hearing evaluations, but may also be separate consultations if you have had your hearing tested elsewhere. A hearing aid evaluation allows us to look at your hearing loss and type of hearing loss and determine if hearing aids, bone anchored hearing devices, or a cochlear implant would best suit your hearing needs.

Hearing Aids

Happy Ears Hearing Center works with multiple hearing aid manufacturers including Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, Signia, Unitron, Hansaton, ReSound, Rexton, and Sonic Innovations. Having affiliations with multiple manufacturers allows us to treat all types of hearing loss in all price points. Pricing and technology are variable between manufacturers, which allows our audiologists to treat everyone’s hearing loss and find something that works with their individual budget.

Hearing Aid Repair

Since we work with all of the top manufacturers we carry most hearing aid parts. If we are unable to repair your hearing aid, it’s likely that we can facilitate a warranty exchange. Typically, most hearing aid repair can be done while you wait.

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Bone anchored hearing aids are for individuals who may not benefit from traditional hearing aids. Bone-anchored hearing aids send the sound signal through the bone by bypassing the middle ear. Bone-anchored hearing aids work for individuals with single-sided deafness, individuals with middle ear trauma, or those born without an outer ear.

Cochlear Implant Evaluations

Cochlear implant evaluations are a lot like traditional hearing evaluations, however, more extensive testing is done. Hearing testing includes audiometry, testing in background noise, and aided testing (meaning that hearing aids are worn during the test). These test results allow us to determine if hearing aids are truly benefiting the patient, or if they no longer amplifying enough to hear speech clearly. If you suspect hearing aids are no longer working for you, a cochlear implant evaluation may be the next step.

Cochlear Implant Mapping

Happy Ears Hearing Center offers cochlear implant mapping services at all of our locations. Cochlear implant mapping occurs when we re-program the cochlear implant processor. Much like having hearing aids adjusted, cochlear implants need to be adjusted due to changes in the auditory system. Our audiologists currently map Advanced Bionics and Cochlear products.

Wax Removal

Many individuals experience cerumen (wax) buildup in their ears. Cerumen protects the ears, however, when built up, it can affect your hearing. If your ears produce too much wax, it can create a wax plug that can also impair your ability to hear. If you struggle with wax buildup, schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained audiologists today.

Tinnitus Treatment

Many people suffer from ringing in the ears. Some people also describe tinnitus as crickets, the ocean, buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds. If you have any of these symptoms, you are experiencing tinnitus. Tinnitus is described as an awareness of sound that is not caused by an external noise. Tinnitus can trigger anxiety and depression and can affect relationships, employment, and regular everyday activities. Many people notice tinnitus more when the environment around them is quiet. If you experience tinnitus or feel that it is creating a negative effect your life, call our Peoria location today. Our Doctors of Audiology will evaluate your tinnitus and explain the treatment options available. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are various treatment options that do help reduce the symptoms.

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Hearing Aid Brand Choices

Many hearing stores and practices only offer one option to treat your hearing. In many cases, it is because they are owned by, or incentivised by a single manufacturer. However, just like hearing loss, not all treatment options are the same. Some devices are better than others depending on your unique type of loss and the lifestyle you want to lead.

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I was nervous to find a new doctor for my son’s hearing needs. My husband had googled places to take him, called Happy Ears and they were able to get him in quickly. I took him to this office even though it was a little out of our way but I am so happy I did! I’m so happy he found this place! All the staff is positive and friendly. I found my sons new hearing aid doctor!!
Ciara Raber
19:31 16 Feb 18
I have had hearing loss for several years, but have noticed it more significantly in the past 2-3 years. Being a teacher, it is very important to hear and understand my students. I finally took the first step to get my hearing checked at Happy Ears, and was very impressed by the service and the depth of testing to help understand my loss and to help me find a device to fit my lifestyle. I was able to wear a demo aid while my options were explained to me and left very excited about receiving hearing aids. I highly recommend Happy Ears.
Stacey Hollingsworth
00:21 14 Nov 17
I don't normally write reviews mostly due to time limitations, work, life, etc. however, I MUST say from the moment I walked for my appointment with Happy Ears, I was immediately impressed with the friendly staff and cleanliness of the office. How often do you get offered coffee and cookies at a doctors office? A couple of years ago, I saw a well known Doctor of Audiology located in downtown Phoenix. To say the least, it was exactly what I had expected. The office was in much need of cleaning and updating, somewhat dark and dingy. Not only did I feel as I was rushed through my appointment, the doctor gave me little information. Not so with Dr. Shanna Mortensen-Dewsnup. She has an extremely calming presence. She fully explained the results of my tests in a manner in which even I could understand. Never once did I feel rushed to leave so she could see her next patient. I am so very thankful that my friend recommended me. For those of you that are 40+ and in any way skeptical about your hearing issues - fear no more! Go to Happy Ears - you won't be disappointed!
Valerie Ideus
02:27 10 Oct 17
I was very satisfied with the service I received from Matthew. He took his time and was very through and patient in all of his explanations. I would highly recommend him to other patients looking for help with their hearing needs.
Garry Bond
18:06 20 Oct 17
Could not be more pleased. Kind, considerate, knowledgeable. Explained the extent of my hearing loss and gave me insight into options I never knew existed..
Dennis Hayward
05:26 10 Aug 17
This was such a calming, pleasant, and informative experience! My little one felt instantly comfortable and everything was kindly explained to her about the testing process. We are so grateful to have found such a terrific audiologist without having to look any further!
Lisa Sterne
23:17 12 May 17
I first purchased hearing aids in Missouri about 8 years ago. Went to an audiologist with a degree in audiology and was extremely happy. I found Happy Ears after moving to Sun City and couldn't be happier. Real audiologists who know what they are doing and care about their clients.
James Koltveit
23:14 27 Apr 18
Expensive hearing aid. Well qualified staff. Nice office easy location to find.
David Jeffery
13:38 09 May 18
Very impressed and satisfied with their service. They are very professional, explain things clearly and take time for any questions. The hearing aids for my husband have the best quality, sound and this is the best hearing he's had in years. We found the best audiologist for us and won't go anyplace else. Wish we had found them sooner. Highly recommended to anyone.
Cindy Armstrong
21:14 18 Aug 19
This practice (people and place), is professional, friendly, accommodating, and stylish! Their testing for hearing is very thorough without being invasive, which is well appreciated. Thankfully, our little guy has excellent hearing! I highly recommend this practice for any age.
Catalina LaFrance
21:03 16 Oct 19
Dr. Dewsnup is tremendous. She works with you in a very personal way to ensure you understand everything.
Bruce Skrabanek
17:48 04 Oct 19
I am so glad I found happy ear since I've been going to happy ear they've been treating me with the best respect and service every time I go they make me feel like family and they let me know everything I need to know about my ears and what I need so now my ears are happy to I will never go anywhere else thank you so much
Charlie Matos
12:08 18 May 19
I had an amazing experience. The facility is wonderful and very welcoming. The staff was absolutely stellar. The Dr. was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Lately I've been having a heard time hearing my wife. I thought I was losing my hearing. I made an appointment and filled out the new patient form. The form was very intuitive and user friendly. The hearing test is very comprehensive. Dr. Dewsnup provided the results immediately afterwards. I was happy to hear that my hearing is working normally. I surmised my inability to hear my wife clearly is "selective hearing". 🙂 Lastly, Happy Ears Hearing Center also offers hearing protection products for avid shooters. In the same visit they made a mold of my ears, sent them off to SoundGear, and within a week I received my new custom hearing protection. I highly recommend Happy Ears Hearing for all of your hearing needs.
Souly Keonavong
17:58 08 May 19
I have been reluctant to getting hearing aids for a very long time for a number of reasons (denial, age, cost). Finally at 42 year old, I got the hearing aids and wish I had gotten them sooner. Thank you Dr. Dewsnup and Happy Ears, you made the experience very pleasant and my wife very happy (now she finally doesn't have to repeat things over and over)
Rocky Kujala
15:29 10 Dec 19
Dr. Blaylock was excellent!She genuinely cared about us as patients.
Michael Fellenstein
21:18 12 Dec 19
First impression ..... You are not important to them. Had a 2pm appointment, at 2:20 all they could say is I'm sorry she is running late. 2:05 is running late, 2:10 I am truly sorry it sorry only be a few more minutes. 2:20 is, I could care less you sit out there another half hour, I am more important you are, your only a new client. I could be wrong, I have never been there before.
JC Walker
22:23 17 Dec 19
If it wasn’t for Shanna Dewsnup I wouldn’t be able to hear the birds chirping or my grandchildren laughing. She is a wonderful person, who takes extra time with all of her patients, while maintaining a professional business. I have been going to her as an audiologist for years... I also realize that when I go to see her, I will sometimes have to wait. In life we have to wait for the wonderful things that touch our lives. She takes the old school approach of helping people until they are 100% satisfied. She takes the extra time to make you feel special. It is unfortunate that people don’t realize, that this is an added bonus to this practice. If you just wait patiently, you will probably make a friend for life with this person, I know I have.
Mesa Dora
08:15 18 Dec 19
I've been a client for over 5 years. I LOVE my hearing aids and the follow-up attention I receive. The Doctors of Audiology are knowledgeable, personable, and very pleasant. They are always available!!
Meryl Rodewald Musgrave
17:53 20 Jan 20
Very caring and attentive staff! My 3yo was having a hard time warming up and Dakota did an amazing job getting her to feel comfortable. She made it a fun appointment that actually held my daughters attention! The front desk employee actually came back and offered to help keep my other daughter happy and content so I could sit in with my 3yo and give her my full attention. Couldn’t be happier with this office!
Morgan Russell
01:00 25 Jan 20
Dr Dewsnup was very thorough and answered all questions that my son and I had all with a smile on her face! Definitely made my 12 year old son and I feel comfortable! Can’t thank her enough for all her help and information she provided!
alexis ramirez
00:46 04 Feb 20
The staff here is great. The office seems to be run well. The audiologist that performed my test was very friendly and fully answered all of my questions. Definitely recommend this place!
Nicole Gordy
21:57 05 Mar 20
Just received my first hearing aid and felt Dr. Debbie Blaylock was very informative and took the time I needed to learn all about my hearing loss and how to use my hearing aid. Her bedside manner is exceptional. She makes you feel she really cares and for me that is very important! The front office was very kind too. Kudos to the whole office and their employees. Much appreciated.
sherrie Flagel
22:22 16 Jun 20
Debra was awesome. Easy to talk to and funny. She made me feel very comfortable.
Kathy Anderson
16:26 17 Jun 20
Great staff! Dr. Dewsnup is friendly, compassionate, very knowledgeable and understanding. The rest of her Audiologist team are so very good.
23:23 26 Jun 20
My almost 2 year old son had to have his hearing checked. All of the staff and the doctor were so kind and professional. My son and I had a great experience. Would highly recommend!
Brittany Maynor
02:09 10 Jul 20
Super friendly, efficient and pretty high tech. And during the time of covid-19, their precautions were welcomed and comforting.I feel very informed and much better about my audible future.
23:53 19 May 20
Highly professional and knowledgeable staff. Shanna Dewsnup is terrific! She put me at ease and conducted a thorough hearing test. She explained everything I needed to know in an understandable way and I now know my path forward. So glad to have found Happy Ears!
Ann Silvia
23:58 15 Jul 20
Shanna was very professional and she took the time to answer every question my wife and I had...highly recommended
Ron Michaelson
02:30 18 Jul 20
I love Dr Blaylock! She is always friendly, kind and caring. She will recommend an aid according to ones hearing loss but will never pressure a patient to buy the most expensive aid. She also gives follow-up appointments to ensure the aids are working to the patients satisfaction.I would definitely recommend Happy Ears Hearing Center. .
Vonda Grove
17:25 19 Aug 20
Jackie was very professional and interested in my issues using my hearing aids. explained options.
Don Brenner
04:21 26 Aug 20
I went and got a ear cleaning (wax removal $100) Dr, Debbie did the work herself, and in no time at all she pulled a giant wax pebble out! Now I can hear again! This is the Right place! Thanks Dr, Debbie
Marcmarker Marcmarker
00:08 10 Sep 20
The doctors are so knowledgeable, pleasant, happy, & patient. Their office is beautiful and equipped with everything they need to give you the best service!
anita hotchkiss
00:37 27 Oct 20
After receiving a surprise bill from Happy Ears, we requesting a printed itemized statement breakdown of all services and payments they have received. Instead of being helpful or kind to address our needs we received instead, a nasty mean spirited letter addressed to our insurance carrier emailed to us, stated how unreasonable, and demanding we were in requesting this information. We are still requesting this Itemized statement and are continuing to receive defensive rudeness. Since October, there have been multiple promises that this information was sent in the mail and Happy Ears is no longer returning our calls.
Barbara Covey
20:05 23 Nov 20
My son has ASD and is only 7 years old. I also had to unexpectedly bring my 15 month old and my 5 year old with me. I was shown so much kindness and nonjudgmental atmosphere. I would definitely recommend. Also, they made it really easy for my child who can be difficult.
Merissa Doubleday
02:29 01 Dec 20
I was treated well. and thoroughly testedI feel that my hearing and communication has improved dramaticly. I feel very comfortableWith their meticulous testing and level of care
William Lindenmuth
21:38 10 Dec 20
Our daughter has hearing aids and we've gone to Happy Ears since she was about 1 year old. Its a great place, they are very familiar with younger children who need hearing support, which is a godsend.
Brent Voigt
20:10 10 Dec 20
Took my mom to Happy Ears to replace hearing aids she had lost. They were very professional and so helpful. In the past, my mom, even with hearing aids in, had a lot of trouble hearing. Well, not any more. Happy Ears assessed her properly, giving her the correct hearing aid for her needs, and now she can actually hear a conversation that's at a regular volume, and at a regular distance. They even followed up with her at her nursing home, so she didn't have to make the trip out during Covid. We are more than happy with the service, as well as the product received from Happy Ears.
Ann Gorbitz
15:28 23 Jan 21
I rate you a 5. After we moved here just over 6 years ago, one of my aids quit working. I think it was a tube. I called several hearing aid places and no one could see me for 6 weeks. Working at Fry's in the customer service dept at that time, I couldn't wait 6 weeks. Happy Ears was able to get me in almost immediately.
Vicki Buckenberger
23:10 28 Jan 21
The staff at Happy Ears are amazing! It was so nice to finally go to a appointment and be greeted with a smile. They got me in with no wait and were very professional! Dr. Debbie Blaylock was great she to took the time to listen to me and truly cares about her patients. If I could give them 10 stars I would!
Dino Krallis
03:07 05 Feb 21
Dr. Dewsnup is so great with my 6 year old who wears hearing aids. She makes the hearing tests go quickly and fun. Her advice on devices is so appreciated. The team had our insurance information ready so we could get a quote for new devices. Great service!
Erica Lucci
04:00 20 Feb 21
Took my mom in for hearing exam nice place and really liked Dr Deb she takes her time and does thorough examination
Melissa Ray
02:16 02 Apr 21
The office is very organized, clean and they run on time. My experience was positive, Shanna Dewsnup was very professional and helpful in helping me to understand my hearing needs. I highly recommend her!
Brenda Puccetti
04:31 24 Apr 21
I was extremely happy with the whole staff at Happy Ears Hearing Center. They were caring and supportive. The office is clean and lovely. And I haven't been able to hear this well in YEARS!!
Cindy Kriewall
22:49 01 Jun 21
Just visited Happy Ears, knowing full well I needed aides. I have gone to audiologists in the past, but I have never been treated so professionally, without any buying pressure. The Doctor explained all my options to my satisfaction, and answered all my questions. I cant wait to get my new aides.
John Fienhage
16:38 02 Jul 21